Spring Cleaning, Remodeling, Wood or Glass Tile floors?

woodfloor.jpg What type of flooring do you have?

With all the spring cleaning I’ve been getting in to, I’ve been thinking about remodeling a lot lately. More than a lot, actually. The problem is, we rent our home, so we are very limited in what we can and can’t do. (I’ve also been thinking a lot about moving and buying a home.)

We have an open kitchen/living/dining area and the living room and dining area are fully carpeted. Which I can’t stand. Well, I love having carpet in my living room. But, with four kids, I hate having it in the dining area. I would rather the dining are flow into the kitchen area and just the living room have carpet.

Since the carpet will need to be replaced someday, I have thought about asking our landlord to redo the dining area to match the kitchen. But I can’t decide what to ask for. After going to cabins in the mountains, i have fallen in love with the lighter oak flooring, but would you want that in your kitchen? They have wood flooring int he entire living and dining areas but then glass tiles in the kitchen and bath.

So, if we went with wood in the dining area, that would still make the kitchen/dining not match. Is there any reason not to do wood flooring in the kitchen? It would be sealed and protected. Also, some types of wood flooring, such as flooring made from birch plywood has high water resistance and durability. Plywood specialists from Cut My Plastic suggested so. But I really like the look of tiles in the kitchen. I CAN”T DECIDE!

UGH! I guess, we’ll just have to live with the flooring like it is and when we buy our own house, THEN I can have whatever I want! That sounds like a plan!!!

So tell me, do you have wood flooring? What kind? For your home or business? Did you install it yourself or had a contractor do it? Why wood? How was your room transformed after it was installed?

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  1. I currently have a snap laminate flooring that I’m pretty happy with. I wanted to do bamboo. I really like the look of it, but it is way to expensive. I could not turn down the price of the laminate. I would recommend getting good padding, or the flooring with high quality padding pre-installed on the bottom. It makes a big difference.


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