Allergies are about to do me in!

ALLERGY-Image-David-Castillo-Dominici-FreeDigitalPhotos-net.jpgDo you suffer from allergies?

Sometimes I think I am going to die from my allergies! As I’ve gotten older, they have gotten worse. MUCH WORSE! A few weeks ago when we went on vacation, in the mountains, I honestly thought I was going to die from the pain, pressure and misery. I have a prescription for a generic form of Claritin that I take daily and it usually keeps it bearable. I have to be careful what I take because of high blood pressure meds. But it got so bad, while on vacation, that I had to go to the local Dollar Store and get some nasal spray. And not just plain ole saline either. I got the medicated stuff!

I was starting to think I had a sinus infection. There was a funky smell and my nose was starting to bleed a little when I’d blow. Yeah, I know, TMI! But, it was that bad. The nasal spray did work though. It actually was like a miracle cure for the week. Nose bleeding stopped, sinus pressure left and I didn’t have any funky side effects.

I’ve heard about some people using  starflower oil to treat their allergies before. But I’ve never tried it. I am seriously thinking about asking my Dr. in a couple weeks, when I have a visit, if that is something I should try or if she has any better options for me. Especially when we go to the mountains! Obviously, my current allergy medication just isn’t strong enough for that much plant life!

Have you ever tried starflower oil for your allergies or other ailments? Do you know anyone who has? Talk to me in the comments section. I’d love to hear your thoughts!!!







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