How To Create A Unique And Stylish Children’s Bedroom

When designing a bedroom for your child you have several objectives. First, you want to make the place so that it is comfortable and fun. Second, you want to give them a sense of ownership, so that they feel like it’s really THEIR room. Finally, you want to make the place as stylish as possible, so that it matches the rest of your elegant home. With that in mind and without further ado, you need to figure out how to create a unique and stylish children’s bedroom and how to do so easily and on a budget. So, here are five tips to help you out.

How To Create A Unique And Stylish Children’s Bedroom

1.      Go for a theme

The first thing you can do in order to make your job easier is to go for a certain theme. The easiest way to do so is to pick the narrative of their favourite story. The important thing is that you can do this on a budget, seeing as how you don’t necessarily have to go for expensive props and branded furniture pieces. You can easily do it all on a budget if you decide to focus on key visual aspects like shapes and colours. Other than this, there are so many DIY projects that you could try out. Overall, there’s so much that you can do on your own.

2.      Working corner

Another thing you need to embrace is the importance of your kid’s craving for learning. Promote learning, working and creativity by giving your children a chance to do so in a fun and productive way. How? Well, by giving them a proper working corner. There’s a reason why offices and home offices are designed the way they are. Why not turn one corner of your child’s into a tiny replica of this setting, where they can play at being an adult while finger-painting or going through their favourite colouring book. Kids like imitating adults, which is why this might just work.

3.      Everything’s a toy

The next thing you need to do is embrace the fact that your child sees the world differently than you do. Sure, you want the place to be stylish but ask yourself – is my perception of my kid’s room more important than that of their own? Of course not! You see, to a child, everything in their room seems magical, everything is a toy. For instance, indoors a carpet replaces sandbox but it is also an island floating in lava. In fact, the choice of floor rugs is incredibly important, seeing as how it’s where they’ll spend most of their time while playing.

Beds are ships or starships on which they are cruising the seven seas or exploring the galaxy. Why not take this one step further and help enhance the experience? Turn a bed into a real pirate ship by decorating its posts. This tip can be adjusted and applied to most other ideas, as well.

4.      Smaller furniture

Another interesting idea would be to just downsize everything in order to make it proportionally fit your kid. For instance, you can decorate their bedroom like a tiny living room, with a tiny sofa, a tiny coffee table and a tiny reading nook. Remember earlier when we’ve mentioned how kids like playing that they’re adults? Well, this would help them raise the immersion to a whole new level. Most importantly, it will make your job of making a stylish children’s bedroom into a far simpler task to pull off. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that kids are not impressed by the same things as adults. So, take their preferences into consideration, as well.

5.      Frame their artwork

Every wall needs an accessory, so why not decorate your kids’ bedroom with some of the original artwork of their own. The reasons behind this are fairly simple and straightforward. First of all, it helps in showing them that you’re indeed proud. Second, you allow them to take charge of the decoration of their own room, you allow them to participate which is what really matters. You see, while it’s their room, excluding them from the decoration process will make them feel less pride in their ownership of it. Sure, you can present them with a couple of options that they can choose from but it’s not really the same as allowing them to make something for the room.

In conclusion

In the end, you can also include your kid in the process every step of the way. Ask them about their opinions and present them with choices. For instance, when in a dilemma between two nuances, ask them to choose one. Still, it’s important that you narrow it all down, so that the decoration still follows the course that you’ve set. No matter how strong-willed your kids are, they still shouldn’t be the ones running this project.

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