5 Stylish Ways To Mix And Match Your Wardrobe

Have you ever followed a social media influencer and noticed how they always seem to come up with new OOTDs every single day? Have you once attempted to purchase every single women’s clothing in the nearest department store?

The good news is you don’t need to raid any department stores to explore your style. Creativity is typically all that you need to come up with unique outfits for each day. Not everyone has the time and money to purchase new clothes.

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If you are wondering how you can start creating your version of OOTDs, check out the starter guide below:

5 Stylish Ways To Mix And Match Your Wardrobe

Tip # 1: Group your clothes according to colour.

One of the easiest ways to create a stylish outfit is to go for a monotone look. Arranging your clothes together by colour allows you to combine complementary and contrasting shades more easily. You can even combine two similarly toned pieces with different textures to create more depth in your outfit. More importantly, the arrangement makes your wardrobe look more organised.

Tip # 2: Use aesthetic photos and fashion magazines as your style inspiration.

Post pictures of style icons you look up to on your bedroom wall. Better yet, decorate your space with snapshots of picturesque sceneries that move you or compel your creative energy. A simple cloud formation against a vividly blue sky could spark an idea for a combination of patterns or textures that you can easily create using the clothes in your wardrobe. Being stylish does not only mean keeping up with the latest fashion trends. It also means finding inspiration even in the most unlikely places.

Tip # 3: Add some bling

Perhaps it is not that you do not have enough stylish pieces in your collection. Maybe you feel that your outfits are too bland or lack “personality.” An effective way to resolve this is to add a suitable dose of jewellery. You can wear chunky bracelets to amp up a simple ensemble of graphic tee and jeans. Are you aspiring to achieve an elegant look? How about a long, silver, or gold chain as a necklace or a pair of diamond earrings to accentuate a formal outfit?

Tip # 4: Don’t shy away from bold colours and prints

Do you have a shirt or a pair of shoes that you’ve always skipped on wearing because you thought the print is too loud or too obnoxious? Well, fashion is also about being fearless. Find common colour themes in the print of your fabric and look for items in your closet of the same shade. In this manner, you can combine your graphic top or sweater with your other clothes more easily, without looking outrageous.

Tip # 5: Contrasting elements often make an eye-catching ensemble

Combining coral and teal creates a feminine and youthful vibe, while colour blocks of dark pink and royal blue can make you look like a trendsetter or a socialite. Other contrasting colours that work well together in outfits include yellow and purple, mint green and ruby red, purple, green, and orange, and blue.

It might seem like only a small portion of your clothes is still “wearable” or in style. But what’s great about women’s clothing is it is versatile and diverse that even a vintage pattern or a plain white tee could steal the spotlight in the next set of fashionable trends.

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