Decorate Your Gear With Cute Zipper Tags

I have this weird little obsession with labels, stickers, tags, etc. I just love how a label can organize something but also add a touch of flair. Tags are the same way. I have more luggage tags on our suitcases than I need because I received some cute Disney themed ones in our Disney Side party back back in Feb. I just couldn’t resist putting them on there. Something that I also recently found out about are zipper tags. Not zipper pulls… zipper tags!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary item/discount code as a thank you for posting. All opinions are strictly my own.

I found these little cuties at Label Daddy. You get 10 per pack and you can create your own design, choosing your color and font as well as an icon. Because we are a Kentucky family who loves to cheer on our KY Wildcats basketball team (Go Big Blue!), I chose to go with blue and white. You can design both sides. An icon on one side and text on the other. I picked the cute little basketball icon. The text area asks for First Name and Last Name but I wanted us all to be able to use them so I justΒ put “TheΒ Martin’s” in place of first name and last name for the opposite side. They’re adorable!

Label Daddy Zipper Tags

They’re little because they are meant to go on a zipper. But you get 10 in a pack and can really put them anywhere that you can affix the clasp. I put one on each of our suitcases, one on my purse, the kids took one for their backpack’s. They’s even be darling on a charm bracelet!

Label Daddy Zipper Tags

Label Daddy Zipper Tags

The zipper tags areΒ nice and sturdy feeling. They are metal. The labels are thick and high quality. I mentioned that these are NOT zipper pulls. They are sturdy but they aren’t meant to be used as a pull, just a decoration. So as long as you’re not pulling on them to open and close they feel like they will last a good long time.

I’m going to order some more as stocking stuffers for the kids. My girls love to accessorize themselves and their belongings and these little zipper tags will be great!

10 per pack – 3/4″ circle / $24.95 (USD)

What do you think? Do you love to add fun accessories to your gear?

Label Daddy

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