Stay Cool With This Summer Peppermint Cooling Spray Recipe!

UUUUUGH it’s HOT y’all! 90+ degrees in Kentucky. It’s hot, humid and just nasty outside! Have I mentioned I am NOT a summer girl? I have. I know I’ve droned on and on before about how much I love fall and only fall. I’m sure of it. With that said, I Dooooo happen to like a day of summer weather here and there, like when we go to the beach. Otherwise, I’m just hot, sticky and don’t like it. That’s why I love to make this Summer Peppermint Cooling Spray recipe using my beloved peppermint essential oil. It instantly gives me a cooling effect and makes me feel refreshed.

I spray it on the backs of my knees and bottoms of my feet. I also love to use this Peppermint Roll-on recipe on my wrist pulse points and the back of my neck. I prefer the roll-on on my neck to avoid accidently spraying it in my eyes. You definitely don’t want that!

From RMO website – Kids Safety: Safe to use topically with children 6 years of age and older. Dilute to a 1-2% dilution rate for topical application.

Summer Peppermint Cooling Spray Recipe

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NOTE: As with any product, supplement, etc, always use with caution and please do research before using! Essential oils are VERY concentrated and some may interfere with certain medications and health conditions. For instance, I have high blood pressure and need to be careful when using rosemary essential oil. So, please, do your research before use and use with caution. With that said, essential oils can be an amazing addition to your health and wellness and natural home. This is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and we cannot be held responsible for your results.

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Peppermint essential oil is one that I stock up on because I use it in a lot of different recipes. I use it in my allergy inhaler, I diffuse it, I use it at Christmas for a wintry candy cane feel, in my peppermint cooling spray and roll-on, etc. Peppermint has a ton of uses.

Rocky Mountain Oils Peppermint Essential Oil

It is great for helping with mental clarity. It is uplifting, helps purify the air, for me is calming as well. Peppermint EO is great at repelling insects and rodents! This spray can also be used as a room spray, around baseboards and closets to help repel spiders and rodents. And of course, it is great at cooling the skin.

There are tons of uses beyond these as well! For now, here is your recipe for my Summertime Peppermint Cooling Spray.

Summertime Peppermint Cooling Spray

use this spray for an instant cooing effect on the backs of knees, bottoms of feet and back of neck, avoiding eyes and nose.
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  • 2 oz spray bottle



  • Add alcohol or witch hazel to 2 oz spray bottle
  • Add 10 drops peppermint oil and *optional* 4 drops lavender essential oil.
  • Swirl this around to mix. Alternatively, you can leave this mixture, covered for a few days to allow the alcohol and oils to emulsify before moving on to the next step. Otherwise, move on. It will still work. You'll just need to shake more before use.
  • Top off with 2 oz distilled water. Distilled works best to help prevent impurities from the water.
  • Shake and spray on backs of knees, bottoms of feet, back of neck, wrists, etc… avoiding eyes, nose and mouth.


This mixture will keep for about 2 week is using high proof alcohol. It will keep about a week if using witch hazel. Store in the refrigerator for best shelf life. Stop using and toss out if overly cloudy or showing signs of mold.

Let us know if you try this recipe! I use it often during the summer. As mentioned in the recipe box, this Peppermint Cooling Spray recipe lasts anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks when using a high proof alcohol like Everclear 190 or high proof Vodka. If using witch hazel, the shelf life won’t be as long. Alcohol works as a natural preservative, whereas anything water based, like witch hazel and the distilled water, will mold in a shorter period of time. Storing in the refrigerator makes the peppermint cooling spray feel even better and helps it last a touch longer.

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What’s your favorite way to use Peppermint Essential Oil? Any tips or recipes you’d like to share? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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