Support Your Immune System With Dental Probiotics

Most of us know what probiotics are and many of use them on a regular basis. Some only use them after taking antibiotics, and that’s ok too. For me, a good probiotic helps keep my digestive system in good working order while also supporting my immune system. Another way to get that good bacteria into your system is through a new type of probiotic: dental probiotics! Ever heard of them?

cariPRO Dental Probiotics

What Are Dental Probiotics?

Dental probiotics work just like other probiotics by repopulating your mouth with healthy bacteria, displacing the bad bacteria & keeping it from growing back.

Aside from the dreaded “C” virus going around, cold and flu season are here folks! A cold has already made it’s way through my family this fall. It wasn’t ‘rona thank the Lord but it was nasty and miserable, nonetheless. I don’t want any more, if I can help it! So, I’ve been tossing back the vitamin C, D3 and Zinc, as well as dental probiotics from Smile Brilliant. We received a free sample as a member of the US Family Guide and I’ve been using it daily for cold immune support, flu immune support, Covid immune support, you name it!

TBH, I’d never herd of dental probiotics, just plain ole regular gut health ones. So, when I did hear about them, I did some research to learn more about how they could benefit my family. What I learned is they work the same way, only inside your mouth and sinuses to increase the good bacteria there. This helps with bad breath as well as supporting immune system functions. Pretty cool, huh?

They have several types of good bacteria but don’t need to be refrigerated, which is great!

cariPRO Dental Probiotics - Smile Brilliant

With these particular oral probiotics, you chew them up, The taste is pretty good and have a light pomegranate berry flavor! They remind me of PEZ candies.

They are sweetened with stevia SO, if you have a ragweed allergy, like I do, use with caution. I don’t seem to have a problem with stevia but I know many ragweed allergy sufferers who do. I guess it just depends on your level of allergy. For me, I can use stevia in small quantities, but I wanted to throw that caution out there. So, there it is. They contain stevia.

Anyway, just chew one a day and you’re all set. I’ve only been using them a little over a week so I can’t say if I notice any difference or if I should even feel anything. But I don’t notice anything negative either so that’s good!

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Let me know if you try them, either in a comment below OR by tagging us in a photo of them on Instagram @cinnamonhollow We love hearing from you all!

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