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Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill

Make Dad’s Summer With A Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill

Something ironic struck me the other day. Clay likes to grill out year round, regardless of the weather. However, he’s never really had a decent grill! We’ve always had hand-me-downs from parents. There was an old charcoal grill with holes in it, at the house we bought. And the one gas grill I bought his...

Men's Distressed Cowhide Three-Button Leather Blazer in Distressed Brown

What About Father’s Day Gifts?

Father’s Day Gifts I’ve been talking about Mother’s Day all day today. I no longer have a mommy, so I even though we buy gifts for my husband’s mom and my children make or buy gifts for me, I tend to focus on Father’s Day Gifts as far as shopping goes. I to...