Make Dad’s Summer With A Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill

Something ironic struck me the other day. Clay likes to grill out year round, regardless of the weather. However, he’s never really had a decent grill! We’ve always had hand-me-downs from parents. There was an old charcoal grill with holes in it, at the house we bought. And the one gas grill I bought his a few years ago burned everything because the burners were too high. So, I decided to surprise him with a new grill for Father’s Day. I was able to surprise him with an early gift, the Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill – 600 model.

Let me get all the FTC necessaries out of the way real quick and then get back to the grill. I am an affiliate for Camp Chef. I will receive a commission if you make a purchase through my link. This adds no extra fees to you. It just helps us pay our bills and keep our website running so we can show you awesome things like this grill. I teamed up with my pals at Camp Chef and received a complimentary product as a thank you for sharing. All opinions are our own and were formed through personal testing of the products. Your results may vary from ours.

Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill

Ok, back to making dad’s summer as awesome as it can be! These are weird times in our lives. Covid-19 has changed the way we do pretty much everything. Personally, we’re eating home cooked meals much more and relying on restaurant foods much less. We’re closer as a family and the food just tastes so much better. We’ve always grilled about 90% of the meat we prepare at home. We just love the taste and texture and we can use less oils and sauces to make it flavorful.

Sure, I use my Instant Pot, slow cooker and oven to prepare meals and meats but most times Clay will work all day, come home and shower and then grill our meat and often times veggies to go with it. He just loves to grill! While he is doing that, I (sometimes the kids) will fix the side dishes. So, I wanted Clay to have something that showed him how much I love him and how much I appreciate all he does for us. And I did that with this new portable grill. (Ain’t it purdy?)

FTG600GL lidopen Hero

A couple features drew me to this particular one, initially. I liked that is a full size grill, even bigger than our others, but that it is also portable. The griddle top is flat so we can cook meats and veggies but we can also do bacon, eggs and pancakes for breakfast!

It has four 12,000 BTU/hr. stainless steel burners so it heats very evenly and can cook a large amount at once, but you can also cook on just one side if you’re doing a small amount. There’s also a larger version!

Camp Chef Portable Flat Top 4 Burner Gas Grill

How is it portable?

The griddle top can come off. Then the legs fold under and the side shelves fold over, and latch, creating a closed case. It will, then, be 2 pieces. The grill base and the grill top. You can get bags on the Camp Chef site to carry each. The griddle is pretty heavy but, by being portable, is great for taking camping, vacation, tailgating, picnics, etc.

Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill Lid Latch

Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill Features:

  • Includes huge, cold-rolled steel flat top griddle
  • True Seasoned Surface, non-stick & ready to cook
  • Four 12,000 BTU/hr. stainless steel burners
  • Matchless ignition system
  • Legs and shelves fold for easy transport
  • Grease management system for easy clean up
  • Propane tank holder
  • Bottle opener
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Propane tank not included

It needed some assembly but was super easy to put together. He had it up and ready in less than 10 minutes.

Clay hooked up our portable propane tank, let the griddle do a burn off for a few minutes, then grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for us all!

Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill Grilling Hamburgers

They were delicious!

One thing I’d like to note: We choose to use the aluminum, disposable grease cup liners (linked below). This just makes clean-up so much easier!

Camp Chef Disposable Grease Pan

We also really love the accessories and cooking utensils. Clay has a utensil set that includes 2 squeeze bottles for sauces, 2 spatulas and a scraper. Although, in the photo of Clay grilling burgers, I’d forgotten to give him his utensil set! Since then, he uses only those. โค
We haven’t used the squeeze bottles, yet.

Camp Chef 6 Piece Griddle Tool Set


Camp Chef

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I think this portable flat top grill made the perfect early Father’s Day gift. What are some other ways you plan to make dad’s summer in these strange times?

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