What About Father’s Day Gifts?

Father’s Day Gifts

I’ve been talking about Mother’s Day all day today. I no longer have a mommy, so I even though we buy gifts for my husband’s mom and my children make or buy gifts for me, I tend to focus more on Father’s Day Gifts as far as shopping goes. I love to buy gifts for my Hubby and spoil and pamper him on  Father’s Day. It’s his day to shine so it should be special.

He is super picky though, and I never really know what to get him. We both LOVE the show Duck Dynasty. We’re country folk. Clay is a redneck just like those fellows. Camouflage  fishing or hunting gear would make good gifts. But I kind of want to get him something a little spiffier. I found a website that had a really cool sheepskin bomber jacket. But I was thinking of something else.

On an episode of Duck Dynasty, Willie wore a leather blazer to his and Korri’s highschool reunion. I love that jacket and think one similar would look really good on my husband. And I know that he liked it too. Which means if I went with something like that, I’d hit the nail on the head. I found a Men’s Distressed Cowhide Three-Button Leather Blazer in Distressed Brown that would look darn awesome on my fellow. The price tag is a bit out of my current price range for Father’s Day gifts but it did give me something to put on the Christmas list!

Men's Distressed Cowhide Three-Button Leather Blazer in Distressed Brown

Pretty tough looking blazer I think!

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