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Survivors of the Holocaust: True Stories of Six Extraordinary Children

Give The Gift Of History: True Stories From Six Holocaust Survivors

While we are not Jewish, nor were our family members, personally, affected by the Holocaust, we try to learn as much as we can about that horrible time in human history. My heart aches inside when I hear stories from families that were personally affected. I can’t wrap my mind around such hate and evil....

oNecklace Personalized Name Bangle

Personalized Name Bangle: A Unique And Custom Holiday Gift Idea

One of my favorite on jewelry stores is oNecklace! I’ve worked with them several times, in the past. (see links to past coverage below) When I want a new piece of jewelry, especially customized jewelry, I always search their website first. I’ve teamed up with these kind folks to show you their personalized name bangle, a...

Earthbath Dog Grooming Wipes

Keep Your Dog Clean With Oatmeal & Aloe Dog Grooming Wipes

It doesn’t matter how often we bathe Jasper, he stinks every time he comes back in the house. I can bathe him in the morning, let him out to potty and when he comes back in, he smells like he to a dip in the river! We’ve tried changing his diet, using different soaps, etc....