Combat Rainy Day Boredom With Door Pong Over The Door Game

It’s pretty dry right now but we had a ton of rain the last 2 Spring seasons. On those days where the rain was non-stop, my kids (and Clay and I) were incredibly bored. There’s only so much house work I can handle in a day. A game like Door Pong would have really been a great way to combat that rainy day boredom!

We teamed up with the folks at Fat Brain Toys to show you some fun indoor and outdoor gift ideas for kids. We received some complimentary goodies as a thank you and to help give you details of each. All opinions are our own and were formed through personal use. Your results may vary from ours.

Fat Brain Toys Door Pong Game

Door Pong is a really neat, over the door ping-pong game that was invented by a 10 year old to help his sister who is Autistic. His story is so very inspiring. 

“Alexander Xiong is the 10 year old Minnesota inventor of Door Pong. This game was inspired by his 12 year old Autistic sister. The concept came to Alexander when his sister was struggling to play traditional ping pong. It began with nothing more than a ping pong ball suspended by a string which allowed his sister to practice hitting and improve hand-eye coordination. Indeed, his sister’s motor skills improved significantly after playing daily with his invention. Alexander hopes that Door Pong will be enjoyed as a fun game for families around the world an assist many others with their motor skills”

—————————————————— ~ Alexander Xiong – Fat Brain Toys

This game is perfect for our family. Our house is small-ish and we don’t have a game room or space for a full sized ping-pong table. So this is a great option! It is also perfect for travel!

Door Pong is super easy to use. There is no installation required. You just pull the arms apart and place it over the door casing. There is a knob that allows you to access the string to raise or lower the ball depending upon your height.

Then, you use the paddles to hit the ball back and forth, just like regular table top ping-pong. Since there’s no installation needed and it doesn’t cause any damamge to the surface (with normal use), it is a great way to have some indoor entertainment when you are travelling. We like to stay in cabin rentals and houses when we go to the beach. They don’t always have games or indoor entertainment so this is perfect!

We have a tote that we take board and card games on vacation in and this fits right inside. It is small and convenient to store.

My kids spend hours playing. There are 2 ways to play based on the rules. You can either play competitively where you keep score based on hits, or you can play where you keep the ball in action. They take turns playing both ways. They also play solo when boredom strikes. It’s a great way to burn off some extra energy ad relieve those rainy-day blues!

Plus, it gets all of us off our phones, computer and video games and get us up and moving!

I keep the Door Pong game hanging in our living room/kitchen area and there is always someone hitting the ball back and forth. When we travel, into the tote it goes!

The next time we’re rained or snowed in, we’ll definitely have a boredom buster. I’m actually looking forward to it!

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What are some rainy day/snow day activities you enjoy and recommend?

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