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Dog Ownership

If you are toying with the idea of bringing a dog into your life, there is indeed much to consider. Far too many people have rushed out to get a cute puppy dog, only to realize a few months later that they are not prepared to make the sacrifices that come with dog ownership. Puppies grow into full-size dogs and all animals require a certain level of exercise, then there’s healthcare, as you are ultimately responsible for your pet’s well-being.

Dog Ownership

Choosing a Breed

Assuming that you fully understand the high level of commitment that raising a dog involves and you are prepared to make the sacrifices, you need to decide on a suitable breed. Here are some points to consider:

  • The bigger the dog, the more exercise it needs.
  • Is your living environment suitable for keeping a dog?
  • Will the dog be left on its own for long periods of time?
  • Some dogs are higher maintenance than others, so choose a suitable breed.

Dog Rescue Facilities

Rather than approaching a puppy mill, there are dog rescue facilities in all parts of Australia, where dogs need a second chance at a good life. Through no fault of their own, they have been abandoned, and if you visit your nearest dog rescue facility, the chances are you will find the perfect companion. Dogs are easy to train, and it isn’t vital that you have a puppy, as many older dogs make for great pets.

Health Care

It is advisable to take out some form of pet insurance, which can be obtained from an online pet insurer, who would have a range of policies to suit every budget. You might only want emergency cover, or perhaps a comprehensive policy that will cover routine care as well, and a Google search will help you find a leading insurer. Puppies need to be chipped and vaccinated, and any dog you adopt should be taken to the local vet for a thorough examination and registered.


Prior to bringing a dog into your home, there are a few things you need to do, which include the following:

  • Acquire suitable bedding – Dog beds can be found online.
  • Buy a food and water bowl – Used exclusively for the dog.
  • Get a collar, leash and harness – The collar should have your mobile number attached, in case he gets lost.

You also need to sit down with the family and create a set of rules; what the dog can and cannot do, and with consistent response, he will soon learn what is expected of him. Read up on dog training, which will help you school him, and by using a reward system, the dog will quickly learn the right behaviour.. Moreover, as you take care of your dog, you may find your dog exhibiting strange behaviour which may lead you to ask questions like why does my dog eat grass often. But as long as you remain calm and seek appropriate knowledge from other fellow dog lovers, you will definitely be able to take care of your dog adequately. Give him affection when he does something right, but not otherwise, and you can use tasty doggie chews as a form of reward.

Your dog will be a family member and raising him is a lifelong commitment, not something you lose interest in, and with the right training, your canine family member will bring pleasure to the whole family.

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