What to Do When Your Child’s Desire To Learn Starts To Dissipate #infographic

When the school year first starts, there’s a feeling of freshness in the air. Your child is decked out in new duds, has an assortment of brand-new school supplies, and has probably been bored enough times over the summer that they might actually be somewhat motivated to start schoolwork. That’s not the case for every child, however, and even those that begin a new year feeling fresh and invigorated may well lose some of that motivation as the school year draws on.

Making Motivation Stick

Learning how to maintain that motivation throughout the school year and beyond may be one of the most important lessons of all. Studies show that students who excel academically from an early age also excel socially and cognitively, and are also more likely to attend college, and less likely to experience teen pregnancy or find themselves behind bars than their less-educated peers.

Differentiating Between Good and Bad Motivational Techniques

Many parents practice different methods of motivating their children, and some prove far more effective than others. The infographic below courtesy of Chronicle Books, details the benefits of successfully undergoing an early childhood education, as well as the myriad of ways early academic performance is indicative of success later in life. Explore a variety of motivational tactics as well as a number of actions to avoid, and help implement successful academic and study techniques in your child at the age when they’ll prove most effective.

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