The Benefits Of Using Professional Domestic Pet Shipping Services

Pet relocation is often a stressful experience. The pet transport company you choose will take several steps to minimize your pet’s stress.

They will provide relevant information and advice and help you with the paperwork you might have yet to consider. The best pet shipping services will also create an organized schedule for acquiring all documentation and transportation needs.

Save Time

If you are moving with pets, saving time when arranging their transport is essential. Researching airline regulations, flight options, and import requirements can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for those unfamiliar with the process. A professional pet shipping company will know exactly what is required and can handle all of the logistics for you.

Reputable pet shipping companies are USDA certified and will mention this on their website. They will also require a health certificate from your veterinarian and hire only qualified drivers. They won’t advertise on marketplace websites and will not ask you to pay using methods like money transfers or cryptocurrencies. The time saved by having a trustworthy pet shipping service take care of the details is invaluable.

Save Money

There’s no doubt that being a pet owner is expensive, especially if you have multiple pets. However, there are ways to save money regarding pet shipping.

Pet transport companies are experts in their field and know how to streamline the process. They can provide you with an organized schedule, acquire all the necessary paperwork and permits for domestic flights, and reduce stress during travel for your pet.

Keep in mind that costs vary depending on the distance of your trip, and some services offer air transport only, while others provide both ground and air transportation. During the quote process, please note how much time a company takes to get accurate information and how well they communicate with you.

Save Stress

Pet shipping companies can make the move process more accessible by handling all the details for you. They can book flights, coordinate layovers and even help you get your pet through customs. They also arrange vaccines and health certificates and reserve boarding space at the quarantine facility.

Most reputable pet shippers are USDA approved and will mention their approval or backing from the USDA somewhere on their website. They also require certification from the pet owner and conduct background checks on their drivers.

If you choose a service l, you can post a shipment on the site and receive bids from qualified shippers to carry out your job. During the trip, your pet will travel in a cage or carrier and receive routine exercise breaks and scheduled meals.

Save Yourself from Mistakes

If you are a pet parent, having a solid plan for moving with your furry or scaly family is essential. By handling all the travel logistics, professional pet shipping services can save you time and stress.

Depending on your destination, your pet may need a health certificate from a veterinarian, vaccination records, and microchip verification. A pet transportation company knows each destination’s requirements and can ensure all documents are correctly completed and submitted on time.

Check out reputable, affordable pet relocation companies, Pet Transport. You can also get quotes by creating a listing and having pet transporters bid to ship your pet to your new home.

Save Yourself from Mistakes

Whether you’re moving across the country or internationally, you’ll likely need to comply with different air travel requirements and customs regulations for your pet. Researching flight options, crate sizes, and other details can feel like a treasure hunt, and a single mistake could result in your pet being denied boarding or quarantine.

Using a pet shipping service can save you from these mistakes. Reputable companies won’t advertise on marketplaces or require you to pay via Venmo, Zelle, or Western Union. They’ll also be USDA certified, which ensures they meet all animal safety rules and won’t rip off pet owners. If you’re unsure where to start, try researching companies accredited by the USDA.

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