The Best British Foods To Eat When Visiting

The United Kingdom sometimes garners a bad reputation when it comes to gastronomic offerings. Many would disagree, however, and we’ve got a list of must-try British foods to look out for next time you cross the pond.

Best British Foods


Flavors like prawn cocktail and roast chicken may sound odd, but these are a delicious staple you’ll find in any pub. There’s something magical about a pint of beer and a bag of “Crisps.” Order these with your round, and you’ll fit right in with the locals. If these flavors sound intriguing and you’re not planning to visit the UK soon, your local euro market will usually source these classics and more from European foods wholesalers. Also important to note, fries are called chips, and potato chips are called crisps.

English Baked Beans

No full English breakfast would be complete without baked beans on the side. These are truly a British comfort food staple. Baked beans are a simple white bean in a slightly tangy, slightly sweet tomato sauce. Another classic recipe is beans on toast, simple, hearty, and a favorite of busy parents all over Britain. 

Sausage Rolls

Savory pork sausages surrounded by flakey golden pastry, need we say more? Not to be confused with pigs in a blanket, these are proper English “bangers.” Crescent rolls and hotdogs need not apply. You’ll find these on most menus in the UK, but they are also easy to make at home using traditional recipes.

Tea Time

No visit to the UK would be complete without experiencing a cream tea service. Served in the afternoon, the spread consists of a pot of English tea, fresh scones, clotted cream, jam, and finger sandwiches. You’ll find traditional tea rooms throughout England, so make sure you stop in for a “cuppa.”

These are just a few of the classics. You should also try fish and chips, and chicken tikka masala (the national food of England). Bon Appétit!

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