Monkey Mat Portable Floor Mat

I’ve been on the lookout for a good picnic blanket or portable floor mat to use when we travel. We love to go on picnics in the mountains with the kids. And it’s great to have a blanket for the ground when you’re at the park. I wanted something water resistant and I’ve found one.

I teamed up with US Family Guide and Monkey Mat to test our a complimentary Monkey Mat in Orange Sunrise. Here’s my thoughts with both pro’s and con’s.

Monkey Mat Portable Floor Mat

First off, I love the feel of the fabric. It is silky and soft and has the water resistance I was looking for. So I don’t have to worry about kids spilling drinks or food on the Monkey Mat. <— affiliate link ’cause mama needs to buy more mats! I can just wipe it off. For anything that may settle in, it is machine washable. So I can dust off any dirt or sand and toss it in the wash when we get home.

I like that the corners are weighted to help hold the mat down and that it also has loops so you can use stakes to stake it into the ground. The weights are round and fairly heavy. The fabric is fairly thin so it does want to blow and move around some with movement and wind, even with the weighted corners. I highly recommend using the stakes when using it outdoors.

Monkey Mat Portable Floor Mat

There are loops in the middle of the mat so you can hook toys, keys, etc. and not lose them. You can attach your babies small toys to help keep them entertained and in one spot.

I also like that the carrying pouch is attached. I don’t have to worry about losing it and when we’re ready to leave I can fold it up and stuff it in the pouch. The stakes that you order from Monkey Mat are smaller and they also fit in the pouch with the mat.

Monkey Mat Portable Floor Mat

The Monkey Mat Portable Floor Mat measures 5′ x 5′. It works great for kids. Not so much for adults or a family of 4. But for kids, it is just right. My kids love having picnics on it, using it on the ground while travelling and also for movie night on the floor.

Monkey Mat Portable Floor Mat


  • Spill resistant
  • Weighted corners
  • Loops for stakes
  • Loops for toys, keys, etc.


  • Could be a bit larger
  • Doesn’t stay in place as well as I’d like when not staked down

Overall this is a pretty good floor mat. I’d recommend it to family and friends. It is great for travel!

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