The Role Of Therapy In Family Conflicts

Conflict within families is simply one of the facts of life. Family conflict affects millions and it is nothing to be ashamed of, despite the emotional turmoil they may cause. When emotions are running high within families, communication is often broken down and in turn, conflict can be particularly difficult to navigate. In these cases, therapy is a great resource for families who need outside support to sort through their issues and ultimately resolve them with even stronger relationships than before. This article will touch on some of the ways that family therapy truly helps in times of family conflict. 

A Safe Space 

Therapy provides people with a safe place where they can express their emotions, whether positive or negative, without fear of judgment. This can be incredibly powerful when attempting to resolve a family conflict. Family members share a neutral space where they can communicate to one another their needs, desires, and emotions. If a family going through conflict has younger children, this can be especially beneficial for them, as they may feel invisible in all of the craziness of family issues. 

Guided Communication 

Usually, families in the midst of conflict have trouble communicating effectively and maturely. In this case, a family therapist is beneficial because they can help to facilitate meaningful conversations among the family members who struggle to do it themselves. A family therapist can help to break down the areas of miscommunication and guide a family in the right direction towards reconciliation and understanding. 


Challenges and obstacles that have no apparent solution are generally the cause of most family conflicts. If family members particularly struggle with solving issues in a composed and effective manner, therapy can help each individual family member to develop effective problem-solving strategies and skills such as negotiation, compromise, and active listening. Not only is this beneficial in regard to solving the family conflict, but it is also a valuable life-long skill for when future conflict undoubtedly arises. 

Trauma Recovery and Emotional Healing 

If a family conflict has arisen due to past trauma within the family unit, there lies a difficult road ahead. Trauma may vary from child abuse to emotional neglect. However, therapy will be helpful in determining how past traumas are currently affecting relationships within the family, and ultimately help to work through them. Healing from trauma is a long-process, but with patience and care, a family therapist can be extremely helpful in this regard. 

Unbiased Perspective  

From a family therapist’s point of view, the family conflict is completely outside of them. Therapy offers a unique neutral perspective on the issues at hand which ultimately helps in working through issues. A neutral perspective allows the root causes of the conflict to come to light as personal feelings and opinions often get in the way. 

In conclusion, therapy can play an important role in family conflict resolution. Whether it is divorce, or other family issues, a Chandler family law attorney will likely recommend seeing a family therapist in times of conflict. Family therapy can help heal relationships from past trauma, build better communication strategies, and find solutions that work for everyone. If you find yourself in the midst of a family conflict, it may be wise to seek out a family therapist for the future relationships within your family unit.

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