The Tale Of Old Blue. BISSELL CleanView Vacuum Review.

Check out this BISSELL CleanView Vacuum review – video and written.

Video Review

When it comes to vacuum’s I’ve only ever owned BISSELL. When Clay and I first got married (at 19) we didn’t have a vacuum. My grandmother got me one of those little push broom sweepers that picks up dirt when you push it forward. It worked pretty well but I really wanted something electric that would get deep down dirt. So, for my 21st birthday, my mom bought me my first BISSELL vacuum. It was a blue, soft body vacuum and it was FABULOUS! It became a part of the family. We named it “Old Blue” and used it until it gave up the ghost, which was about 10 years later. How awesome is that?

So, when I needed a new one, I told Clay it had to be a BISSELL.  I was a fan after 10 years of dirt sucking service. “Old Blue” never let me down in all those years. Even with kids in the house, it still kept my carpets, hardwood floors and Linoleum clean and neat. I just loved the tidy vacuum marks of freshly swept carpet it left behind. It was wonderful. When it died, I admit, I shed a tear.

OK, so I told Clay it absolutely, positively had to be a BISSELL. We went shopping and purchased a hard body blue BISSELL. It was so much like my trusty “Old Blue” that we named it “Old Blue 2”. It worked really well. As well as the first, in fact. But…. we had more kids. It worked harder. It was abused by the tots. Not only did I see it as a trusty friend who would keep my carpets clean for my babies but THEY saw it as a something to pick up candy dropped on the floor, dirty shoe marks and as a  carnival ride.  I’m shamed to say I didn’t take good care of “Old Blue 2”. Not like I should have. In the end, it got sick. I tried to fix it, I did. My trusty “Old Blue 2” vacuum had definitely seen better days. In fact, it is currently being held together with hot pink duct tape!


Somewhere along the way we lost the screw that holds the handle on. So I’ve always had to make sure the handle was pushed on before vacuuming. And sometimes it would fall of in the process. 


Then, our three year old daughter thought it would be a fun idea to RIDE the vacuum. I’m not entirely sure how she did it but she broke off the bottom that sits behind the brushes. So the idea to just duct tape it all back together struck me one day and I tried it. It worked and although I had the strangest looking vacuum at least it worked. True story. But the fact remained that it needed it’s rest and I needed a new vacuum. One that the kids would not be allowed anywhere near. E.V.E.R.!!!

BISSELL CleanView Vacuum With OnePass Technology - BISSELL CleanView Vacuum review

BISSELL CleanView Vacuum Review

In steps my brand new BISSELL CleanView Vacuum review. OHHHHHH I have fallen in love all over again! It is glorious. I am totally digging this gorgeous, new, purple vacuum. That’s right. I said PURPLE! I’m in love! “Old Blue 2” has been retired and will be used to clean the van. It gets to rest that way, but still feels useful.

BISSELL CleanView Vacuum With OnePass Technology

My BISSELL CleanView Vacuum is the best thing since sliced bread. It has this amazing OnePass Technology that lets you pick up dirt and dust in just one sweep across the floor. No more back and forth, back and forth (although old blue 1 & 2 did pretty well). Now, I can sweep the floors in less time and move on. That saves me a few extra minutes for more important things… like chocolate. 

BISSELL CleanView Vacuum With OnePass Technology

When my new CleanView vacuum arrived, it needed a small amount of putting together. It took less than 5 minutes and it was ready to go! Snap the handle into place, insert the screw. Snap the Quick Release Cord Wrap, crevice tool, extension wand clip, dusting brush and TurboBrush tool into place and you’re good to go. Snap, screw, done. Easy as pie.

You’re probably wondering how well it cleans, though, right? Well, it sucks. And that’s a good thing! It sucked so much and dust out of my carpet I was in shock. I vacuum almost every day. Every other day at the least. (4 kids here, remember). I had literally just finished using “Old Blue 2” when the UPS guy delivered the new one. So I gave the kids a quick “have at it” and let them do some crafts in the family room. Then I tested out the new BISSELL CleanView and OH. MY. GOSH!

BISSELL CleanView With OnePass Technology Before And After

You can’t tell much in the photo, on this brown carpet.

It picked up gobs and gobs of dirt and hair. It was gross, embarrassing  and amazing all at the same time! It was unbelievable how much it picked up. Our home is fully carpeted with only the kitchen and bathrooms having vinyl flooring so you can imagine how much use a vacuum gets here. I like to consider myself a pretty good housekeeper. I try my best to keep our home clean and tidy. I honestly can’t believe how much it picked up. Well, with this new vacuum, I can be an even better housekeeper!!!

BISSELL CleanView Vacuum With OnePass Technology

The TurboBrush is great. You attach it to the hose and you can use it to vacuum stairs, cushions and other areas that would be difficult to take the full vacuum to. It’s like using the upholstery brush, only better because it is turbo powered and has the rotating brush just like the vacuum.

On-board attachments include a 4” TurboBrush® tool for cleaning stairs, upholstery and hard-to-reach places, a 10” crevice tool for nooks, crannies and corners and an upholstery tool and 11” extension wand for added convenience.

The BISSELL CleanView vacuum with OnePass Technology will be available at major retailers in February with an MSRP of $79.99. The CleanView Plus, which features a longer cord and warranty, will also be available at major retailers in February with an MSRP of $89.99.

BISSELL CleanView Vacuum With OnePass Technology

BISSELL CleanView Vacuum With OnePass Technology

Delivers a deeper clean. I believe it! It picked up so much from my carpet.

BISSELL CleanView Vacuum With OnePass Technology

The BISSELL CleanView Vacuum With OnePass Technology is adjustable and can be used on carpet or bare floors.

BISSELL CleanView Vacuum With OnePass Technology


I hope you enjoyed my BISSELL CleanView Vacuum review. If you purchase one, leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Along with my BISSELL CleanView Vacuum review
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Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for BISSELL. I received a product sample to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and were formed through testing of my brand new BISSELL CleanView Vacuum. Your results may vary.

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