THM Mother’s Day Sale

Trim Healthy Mama will be hosting a THM Mother’s Day sale Tuesday, May 5!

THM Mother's Day sale

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This Tuesday (May 5th) will be our THM Mother’s Day sale so this is your official heads up for that.

We do this every year but this year we’ll also be laumching Sane Sani… this is our sane and healthy Germ Shield spray (Serene and I have been very concerned about all the alcohol being applied liberally to skin many times a day.. it is not at all healthy for skin and for the body, so we’ve developed a fantastic alternative for that).

In honor of Mother’s Day we’ll be bringing the biggest discount we have ever done before on The Fountain (our Baobab and rose anti aging skin cream) so that those of you who may never have had a chance to try it before can hopefully get a chance to do so.

We’ll be blowing out a few other items and also have many of our top seller food items in this 48 hour special…. like Baking Blend, Collagen, Whey etc… although we don’t have enough original Gentle Sweet but Xylitol Free Gentle Sweet is in stock and it is awesome and actually what I use most of the time now… doggy friendly too.


  • Sane Sani Germ Prevention Spray – reg $9.99/$8.99 intro price

– COLLAGEN 16oz: reg $19.99/sale $17.99/$2 off
– COLLAGEN 3LB: reg $55.99/sale $49.99/$6 off
– BAKING BLEND 16oz: reg $8.99/sale $6.99/$2 off
– BAKING BLEND 3lb: reg $25.99/sale $19.99/$6 off
– WHEY PROTEIN 16oz: reg $17.99/sale $15.99/$2 off
– WHEY PROTEIN 3LB: reg $49.99/sale $44.99/$5 off
– CHOCOLATE WHEY PROTEIN 16oz: reg $21.99/sale $19.99/$2 off
– STRAWBERRY WHEY PROTEIN 16oz: reg $21.99/sale $19.99/$2 off
– SUPER SWEET 16oz: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off
– SUPER SWEET 3lb: reg $27.99/sale $22.99/$5off
– SUPER SWEET PACKETS: reg $9.99/sale $7.99/$2 off
– STEVIA 1oz: reg $10.99/sale $9.99/$1 off
– STEVIA 4oz: reg $37.99/sale $33.99/$4 off

  • ERYTHRITOL: reg $8.99/sale $7.99/$1 off
  • XYLITOL: reg $8.99/sale $7.99/$1 off
  • MCT OIL: reg $19.99/sale $18.99
  • NOODLES & RICE: reg $18.99/sale $11.99/$7 off
  • GELATIN: reg $15.99/sale $12.99/$3 off
  • APRICOT EXTRACT: $5.99 sale price


  • Feminine Balance reg $42.99/sale $39.99/$3 off
  • Coconut Cream reg $15.99/sale $12.99/$3 off
  • Fountain Cream (lowest price ever!) reg $46.99/sale $34.99/$12 off
  • Both new lotions Verry Berry & Pina Colada reg $9.99/sale $8.99/$1 off
  • THM TOTES: $19.99 sale price
  • THM TEE SHIRTS: $11.99 sale price

Again, we greatly appreciate when you shop via our affiliate link. This helps offset our website costs with no fees passed to you.

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