Trim Healthy Future Cookbook Is Now In Stock!

YES! The brand new Trim Healthy Future cookbook, the newest in the THM lineup, is finally here and in stock!

Trim Healthy Future

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You may remember me telling y’all about the pre-order for the book a few months ago. It was for a limited time and came with some bonuses. I was lucky enough to get the book during the pre-order and, let me tell ya, there are some fantastic recipes in there like the “Date Night Cookie” you can share with your significant other. There’s also a recipe that makes a vegan “cheese” sauce using canned golden potatoes! I’m trying that recipe out tonight to serve over some frozen broccoli and cauliflower blend I have.

*Edited to add: I made the Instant Cheese Sauce and the Date Night Cookie. The Date Night Cookie and it was a little soggy. The recipe says you can use either egg white powder OR liquid egg whites, but recommends the powder. I only had liquid and I used too much butter. (didn’t measure, just eyeballed it). I’ve ordered some egg white powder and will definitely try again because the taste was amazing! The Instant Cheese Sauce is incredible!

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It turned out exactly like the picture in the cookbook and is delicious! I will be replacing my regular cheese sauce with this healthier, dairy-free version!

I haven’t had a chance to jump in a create many of the recipes, yet, but I’m participating in a food prep challenge this weekend and will be making up my weekly meal list, as well. I plan on including at, least, one new recipe each day, from Trim Healthy Future!

If you’d like to order (we appreciate when you use our affiliate link), you have 2 choices, paperback or e-book. Honestly, I prefer to have BOTH versions of all their books. I have the kindle app, on my phone, so I can quickly scan the ingredients list of a recipe when I’m at the store or follow a recipe if we’re traveling. I use my physical copies at home. Having both versions is super convenient for us.

Do you have any of the THM cookbooks? If so, what is your favorite recipe?

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