Tips For Teaching Your Children The Bible. #childrensbiblesapp


My Tips For Teaching Your Children The Bible

My husband, children and I are Christians. Not all of our friends are, which is perfectly fine, but we are. So we strive to teach our children the Bible as best we can. As Christian parents with children who share our Faith, it is our job to make sure they have easy methods with which to learn the word of God.

When we moved a few years ago, we moved to a location that is pretty far from our church. So we don’t physically go to church like we used to or like we want. But that doesn’t mean that my husband and I can’t still teach our children and have “church” and Bible lessons here at home. We needed ways to do that though. ‘

Tip #1

Aside from sending them to Sunday School, a couple of my favorite ways to help them learn are childrens Bible story books and an iPad app called The Children’s Bibles that has titles for infants to adults.

The app is really great because the books have many features like recording your own audio. This is a great “comfort feature” because it allows your child to hear the story in your voice. Not only does it allow them to hear their stories daily read aloud by you but if you ever have to go away for a night, your child can still hear their favorite Bible stories being told by mom and dad. That is just one of the features I love. They can also read the stories themselves or watch a little movie right inside the app.

Inside the app, your books are arranged on a book shelf just like in your Kindle and iBooks apps. SO you can quickly and easily find the book you want to read. The app is very bright and colorful and my children really love looking at it and finding the stories they want for that day or week.

The app is free to download. There are a few free books and samples but you do have to make some in app purchases for most of the books. A lot of them are 99 cents or $1.99 which isn’t too pricey. I do wish that more of the titles were free though or that the app was possibly a paid app at $5 – $10 and then all the books free. This would make it much easier on this mommy’s pocket book!

Tip #2

Singing. We love to sing Bible songs. My children, like me, learn best when study notes are set to our favorite tunes. So we often take bible versus and prayers and create songs out of them using popular tunes. Sort of like parodies, only using real versus!

Tip #3

Learn WITH your child. The best way to learn something new is to learn it with a friend. I don’t know a lot of Bible versus by heart so when I am working on memorizing one, I include the kids. Like in tip #2, doing it in song or a rhyme really helps!

Tip #4

Don’t just read the story to your child, explain that they are real life, Historical events! When it dawned on me that this was History and not fairytale, I began to think of the men in women in the Bible in a whole new light. I was better able to envision them and remember their stories.

These are just a few of my tips for teaching my children the Bible.I hope you enjoy them!

The Children’s Bibles contains 84 books, different well-known children’s Bible stories. They are all beautifully illustrated, in a classic naturalistic and colorful style, with sound effects and music. They are also made into movies, and you can record your own audio for reading so the child will hear the father, mother or grandparent reading the story. These stories have already been sold, in printed form, in over 8 million copies in more than 110 languages and countries. (See the list in the App.) It is still reprinting 300,000 to 600,000 each year.
Check out the 3 free complete books and 3 free sample books. These are all stories from the Bible for different age groups from +0 to teenagers and even adults. They are faithful to the BIBLE, but shortened in some books.

•Read (you can read the stories yourself)
•Read to Me (listen to the story, while watching the pages turn)
•My Audio (record your own voice and play along with the story)
•Play movie (watch an animated video)

Check out this great app and let them know what you think with an honest review!
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Disclosure: I was provided with compensation, a complimentary set of best selling bible books for myself and a set to giveaway. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. My tip is to use every opportunity throughout the day for learning and discussion. Driving around in the car you can teach the kids new things, as well as at the grocery store, at dinner time, before bed, anytime!


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