A Quick Summer Guide To Buying Sandals

There are a lot of reasons to enjoy summer, and for many women, the chance to break out their sandals is one of the great ones. You can put away the heavy closed-toed shoes you’ve worn through the cold months and start rocking your favorite slides. Sandals offer a great one-two punch of comfort and convenience. You get to enjoy the breezy feeling of barefoot walking while also knowing that your soles are safe from the ground below.

These days, you can spend a lot or a little on a pair of sandals. Several factors can justify the expense of a higher-end pair. Sandals are available in a range of styles, and a good pair can serve you well in formal situations as well as on casual days. Among these, women’s leather sandals stand out for their elegance and versatility. If you want to wear sandals to work, there are plenty of options that can complete a good business outfit. Sandals by Bottega Veneta, for example, offer great comfort as well as classy style.

No matter what summer occasion or outfit you’re planning for, some general tips will help you pick out the perfect Spenco shoes:

Be Clear About Your Purpose

The first (and maybe most important) step in narrowing your field of choices is to understand exactly what you need a new pair of sandals for. Are these shoes going to be for casual days lounging around the house? Will you be wearing them on family excursions? Or are you looking for something a little more formal, suitable for work or upscale nights on the town?

Knowing when and where you’ll be wearing your next pair of sandals makes it easier to choose the right design. Flats are the best choice for casual wear, for instance, while heeled sandals tend to go better with dressier outfits.

Sandals Should Be Flexible

With very few exceptions, sandals are intended to be lightweight shoes. Most styles of sandals should have a relatively soft sole with lots of flexibility. Remember that sole softness and the softness of the padding that contacts your foot are separate qualities! A good sandal should be able to bend into a V with little effort. Feel free to test this in the shoe store before you commit to a pair of sandals.

Always Look For Comfort

In an ideal world, every pair of shoes you own would be comfortable. Sometimes, in the real world, style trumps comfort. This is rarely the case with sandals, though, as long as you pick a good pair! Even with the dressiest sandals, keep your eyes peeled for footwear that will keep your feet comfortable for as long as you intend to wear them. With all-day sandals, be especially alert for strong arch support and straps that don’t pinch.

Get The Right Size

Unlike some other kinds of footwear, sandals should always be roomy. You want to achieve a snug fit without cramping your toes. Leave your toes a little more wiggle room than you would with closed-toe shoes. Bear in mind, too, that your feet will be hot in the summer months and may swell a little.

Don’t go too big with your sandals, though! An oversized sandal will slip and slide on your foot, providing poor stability and causing unwanted strain.

The Importance Of Arch Support

Because sandals are supposed to be light and flexible (as noted above), it can sometimes be difficult to find a pair that fully support your arches. If you know you need shoes that deliver better support and all-day comfort — say, for instance, that you intend to work a full day in them — look for heavier sandals that are designed to relieve your foot muscles and keep your weight evenly distributed front and rear.

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