Various Ways Interior Designers Can Use Pottery

Interior designers understand and use the art and science of human behavior to come up with spaces that are functional and look great by utilizing several different elements. Pottery is one of many things that they can use to create all kinds of aesthetically pleasing spaces.

The beauty of handmade pottery is that it is highly versatile and interior designers can use it to add texture and color and to personalize a space. Some of the pottery items that people can use in interior design include vases, dinnerware, sculptures, wall art, and others. These can be used cohesively in many ways to create a magnificent personalized space.

Here are some of the ways interior designers can utilize handmade pottery to create an aesthetically pleasing yet functional personalized space:

Using pottery as functional items

One of the main ways interior designers can use pottery to personalize a space and make it more pleasing to the eye is to use different pieces such as bowls, plates, and other items as functional elements. For instance, you can use a set of bowls or ceramic plates on your dinner table, be it every day or occasionally, say when hosting guests, to add color and texture to the dining room.

People can also use pottery like bowls, vases, and other pieces to hold or organize different items. For example, you can use ceramic jars for holding kitchen utensils, or even in the bathroom to hold toiletries. Ceramic flower vases and bowls for keeping keys are other functional pieces of pottery you can use to add an aesthetic element and at the same time serve a purpose. You can advise your interior designers to source great pottery from sources such as Supper Club to create a practical yet visually appealing space.

Incorporating pottery into the dΓ©cor

Another great way interior designers can utilize handmade pottery is to use it as part of a room’s dΓ©cor. You could, for example, get a large ceramic vase and place it in your living room to add beauty or to be a statement piece.

People can also place small pieces of ceramic pottery on a table or shelves to make the room more visually pleasing besides showing off one’s style and taste. Furthermore, interior designers can use pottery to bring cohesion among the various elements in a room’s design by choosing pieces that complement the room’s artwork texture or color scheme.

Bringing in a sense of history and tradition

Interior designers can also use handmade pottery to make a room reflect their culture, history, and traditions. Generally, many pieces of handmade pottery are a reflection of the culture or traditions of the people who made them.

Therefore, when designing your place, you can consider adding to your space pottery pieces that connect with your culture and tradition, or have historical significance. This way you will have a unique and practical aesthetic design, and at the same time keep your culture and history alive.


Interior designers can use pottery in several ways to create an aesthetically pleasing yet practical space. They can use handmade pieces as functional items, incorporate them into the dΓ©cor, or use them to reflect their culture and history.

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