Tips To Choose Office Space In San Francisco

More and more companies are relocating to San Francisco thanks to the attractive lifestyle it provides to employees. Reports indicate that 60 percent of the world’s top tech firms are leasing office spaces in the City by the Bay. Most people look for a suitable location at a reasonable price, and to work at one of the most desirable office towers in SoMa is something that many people desire. With multiple options, this should not be a complicated thing to do. You have to take the time to find the best place for you that fits your budget and has everything you need.

In other words, choosing an office space San Francisco can be challenging with the recent boom of technology. You have to consider the office space itself and also find a strategic location that will enable your company to reach its customers efficiently. 

Tips To Choose Office Space In San Francisco

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Costs and Location Are Important

Costs and location go hand in hand when choosing the right office space for your business. For best results, think beyond the rent or lease and take into account the cost of relocation, electricity, and internet.

While thinking about the cost, consider your business goals and growth projections at the duration of the lease. Doing so will enable you to decide how much space you would need over the area you want. This will provide more opportunities to cut costs. Furthermore, if the location attracts more customers, the profit you’ll gain from this optimum location will nullify the rental fee.

Ensure that the office space is located in a convenient and safe location to attract not only clients but also employees. Several experts believe that having offices close to metro stations and bus routes, provide convenience, economic incentives, brand recognition, and various networking opportunities.

Building Should Have Sufficient Amenities

Usually, amenities come in many forms, including restaurants, fitness centers, bathrooms, and parking spaces. Make sure that there is sufficient space for employees and visitors to park their ride, primarily if your office location is in a suburban setting.

Bear in mind that the total number of registered vehicles in the City has gone up to 6 percent in the latest assessment by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Alternatively, you can rent additional parking spaces for reputed clients, but this will come with extra costs.

Also, don’t forget to consider the maintenance of the building’s equipment, especially if some of your employees work in night shifts. Make sure that you have control over the air conditioning and heating units to ensure the health of your employees is at its best as well as to boost productivity.

Likewise, remember to ask about the credibility of the janitorial service hired by the building. This ensures that all expensive electronics and confidential documents remain safe.

Consider Hiring A Reputable Agent

Set expectations for your dream office space and consider hiring a company like Office Finder to help you navigate the busy streets of San Francisco. Engaging the help of these companies not only increases the chances of finding your desired space, but it also could make a massive difference in relocation costs.

Plus, these companies also assist you in preparing the required documentation so you can move effectively and quickly to a safe working space. After all, San Francisco is a competitive market with only a 3.18 percent rental vacancy rate.

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