Happy 143 Day! Join Us As We #RemakeTomorrow Through Learning!

On 143 Day (a national day of kindness in honor of Fred Rogers – Mr. Rogers Neighborhood), we are celebrating the launch of the new Tomorrow campaign powered by @RemakeLearning. #RemakeTomorrow

During these crazy, “new normal” times, parent’s, educators, children, etc. have needed to take learning to a different level. As a parent, you are already prepared for teaching your children. You just may not realize it! We teach our children from the moment they are born. We have that skillset! Maybe not teaching what a school teacher is teaching, but other things that are essential to growth and becoming an adult.

As parent’s we’ve had to learn, ourselves, to think outside the box when it comes to teaching our kids. We’ve had to learn to make tomorrow the best we can, while teaching our kids today. One way I will #RemakeTomorrow is by teaching my children to sew, cook, garden, etc.

Teaching my kids to sew. #RemakeTomorrow

Tomorrow is inspired in many ways by Fred Rogers and his empathetic, child-centered, wholly unique approach to learning.

He is quoted as saying:

Often, when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else”.

Fred Rogers

That’s exactly where we find ourselves now — what “something else” will look like is largely up to us. We, as parents and educators, need to prepare our kids for what’s next by staying grounded in what’s timeless and not changing.

Tomorrow can be pretty much anything we want it to be. The Tomorrow campaign recognizes that what keeps us focused and going through times like these are the very essential qualities that make us human—our capacity for love, the power of our relationships, and the strength we get from belonging to a society that is capable of working together to do so much more than any one of us can do on our own. WE’re all in this together! #WereInThisTogether

If you’re like us and choose to try to stay home as much as possible, you have the perfect opportunity to learn something new, with your kids or by teaching something new to them. I mentioned, earlier, that I’m teaching my kids to sew, cook and garden. I know how to sew and I know how to cook, so I can teach them that on my own. I do NOT have a green thumb, though. I swear, I could kill artificial plants!

So, gardening is something we will learn together. With the internet and the ability to search just about anything, we’ve been learning when to plant each type of vegetable or flower, the beat way to water, the right spot to plant, etc. I’m hoping we’ll have a wonderful container garden this year. Either way, we’re planting it together and learning together as we go!

All this to day that I hope everyone, especially the young learners out there, realize they are free to pursue any type of hobby, passion or career that interests them!

Join the #RemakeTomorrow discussion with @RemakeLearning on #143Day (today)!

What’s “something else” that you hope to see communities and or/parents, educators, etc… offering to young people? Leave me a comment below and let’s discuss it.

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