Trim Healthy Mama Cyber In July Sale: Don’t Miss Out On This Huge Sale!

It’s that time of year again for the Trim Healthy Mama Cyber In July Sale! EVERYTHING will be on sale! Plus there will be bundles, specials and more. So, if you’ve been wanting to place a big Trim Healthy Mama order, now’s the time to do it!

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Trim Healthy Mama Cyber In July Sale

I don’t have ALL the details but I do know that they only have this big “everything on sale” sale twice per year. They do it for Cyber In July and then for actual Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving. They are the perfect times to stock up. I’ll try to add more details as I get them, but for now, click the link below to access the sale page.

Access the sale here!

I plan on getting some more Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s). I have really been enjoying using Essentials as a supplement. I mix mine with a little Vitamin Water Zero (lemonade flavor) and a little Baobab powder and drink it to take my iron supplements. I’m anemic and the vitamin C in the Baobab + in the Vitamin Water Zero and the Essentials, themselves, seem to help me absorb it better.

I’m also low on Nutritional Yeast. I LOVE it on my scrambled eggs as well as on mixed salad greens drizzled with a little olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Sprinkle on the Nutritional Yeast, salt and pepper and oh muh gosh. It is so good!

All the whey protein powders are now being optimized with Trim Healthy Essential Amino Acid. I don’t use much whey protein so I haven’t tried them, yet but I’ve been considering the strawberry. It would be great to make homemade, no sugar, low carb strawberry protein ice cream!

Oh, one other thing I love to stock up on is Cherry Hydrates and/or Lemon Love Hydrates. They are so good mixed in a bottle of water. I get a nice flavored water without any nasty sugar or fillers. They DON’T contain electrolytes, but you can always add a small pinch of mineral salt and you’re good to go!

Trim Healthy Sale

So, those are the things on my list. What items do you plan to get during the Trim Healthy Mama Cyber In July Sale?

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