Ways To Encourage Your Child To Study More

Sometimes it can feel that getting your children to study is akin to fighting a losing battle. They might not want to do work once they get home from school or college, or perhaps they find it a struggle. No matter what the reason is, unfortunately, school work and studying needs to be done. Whether there’s big exams coming up, they’re looking for a place in a new college, school or university, or they just need a bit of extra assistance, studying is always going to be beneficial for your children and teens. Remember to have patience and cast your mind back to that time in your life – it wasn’t an easy one! In this article we take a look at some top tips for encouraging your child to study more. These are skills they will be able to use later in life too!

Below are some tips to help encourage your child to study more.

Jazz up their workspace 

They say that the more organized and motivational a workspace is, the more you want to work. With this in mind, why not make your child’s workspace somewhere they like to be? Add things such as custom holographic stickers to brighten up the space or their notebooks, get a good quality desk and chair and ensure they have enough storage to tidy away their books. Having a space that’s easy to tidy away and keep clean means they’ll be more organised and get their work done better.

Encourage them to work at certain times and take breaks

Work can feel a lot more stressful when it needs to all be done at once. Instead, encourage your child to learn to sort their work into different priorities and factor in time for breaks too. Showing them how to have a work-life balance is a great skill not just for now, but also for the future too. By learning to juggle the two they won’t get burnt out and can get the most from their studies as well as seeing friends and doing other things that they enjoy.

Work with them and make it a bonding activity too

When your children are studying or doing homework, it can be solitary and also they might struggle with some of the tasks. Try to sit down and do some work with them, this way you will be able to spend some quality time together and also help them to achieve their goals. Whether you do certain topics with them, spend half an hour each day working with them, or find a schedule that works with you, it’s sure to be a benefit to both of you. 
These are just a few top tips for encouraging your child to study and get their schoolwork up to scratch. It’s important to show them how important these skills are to have and that they can reap the rewards from putting in the work. What are some top tips you have for encouraging your child to study more? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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