Ultimate Fall Styling Tips Every Man Must Follow

Fall marks the transitional phase as the summer heat recedes to give way to cooler weather. Men like the season better from a styling perspective because they have more options to dress for work and outings. You can think beyond the summer essentials and style up with layering. Since you are still a long way from heavy jackets and overcoats, you need not worry about the extra layers hiding your attire. However, men often fall short on the fashion front, and some guidance always helps. Here are the ultimate fall styling tips to boost your dressing game this season.

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Play with color

Autumn is not as exciting as summer when it comes to colors, but it is still far brighter than winter. Check the trending colors for the season, even if sticking with the fall essentials like muted and deep hues sounds safer. Think beyond the quintessential black, navy, and gray outfits you always tend to pick in cold weather. Try warmer tones like burgundy, indigo, and mustard to add a pop of color to your attire and perk up your mood.

Pick the apt textures

Fall styling is as much about functionality as aesthetics. Picking the apt textures is important as you want to stay warm while looking good. Opting for wool trousers is a good start, and you can even wear a quilted jacket as evening temperatures drop. Once the days’ temperatures drop, it is time to layer your textures for a refined and classy look and a cozy warmth.

Ace casual styling

Work dressing is rather easy in the fall because you get more scope for layering. But casual outfits often feel incomplete without your comfy shorts. Fortunately, men’s cargo pants make an excellent alternative as they offer a perfect mix of style and ease. The best part is that you can even pick them for smart casual dressing instead of reserving them only for the outdoors. They are more versatile than summer shorts yet promise all the comfort you want.

Follow the rules of layering

Layering is the cornerstone of fall and winter dressing, as you cannot keep the heat in without additional layers. Besides the functional benefit, it can elevate your look with only a little effort. But you cannot do it randomly because some layering rules make sense. Here are the ones recommended by experts-

  • Wear lighter colors and thinner fabric textures closer to your body
  • Wear patterns closer and solid colors further out
  • Avoid mixing hot weather and cold weather fabrics
  • Prioritize warmth but do not go overboard with extra layers

Although these rules sound intuitive, it is easy to go wrong with your layering game. The next time you try it, remember to follow these basics.

Fall fashion does not have to be tricky, even if you need to add layers and swap textures. Follow your instincts and look for clothing that offers comfort, warmth, and good looks. Most importantly, you should feel good about wearing them because confidence is the mainstay of styling.

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