Travel In Style With These Incredibly Comfortable Walking Shoes

We tend to do a LOT of walking when we travel and that requires comfortable shoes that won’t leave my feet aching at the end of the day. For hiking, I wear hiking boots for walking through town, I want a good, comfortable pair of walking shoes. I teamed up with Tiosebon to show you a couple pairs of their walking shoes.

Tiosebon Slip-on Walking Shoes

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I chose 2 pair of Tiosebon walking shoes to talk to you about. I picked a blue pair and a purple pair. Each is slightly different but both are super comfortable!

The blue pair is a solid design. There isn’t any frills or thrills but they are so cute and stylish. The color is bright and vibrant and looks great with jeans or leggings.

Tiosebon Slip-on Walking Shoes

The purple pair I chose is in the Knitted Sneakers style. They have elastic across the top but you can’t tighten it and you don’t need to tie it. They just slip on!

Tiosebon Slip-on Walking Shoes

That’s one thing I love about these shoes is that they are slip-on walking shoes. So, no ties to contend with. I do wish there were a way to tighten them around the ankles, if needed, but so far they stay on very well.

They don’t have a big, thick cushioned insole but they seem to contour to my feet as I walk. And, they are flexible so they bend with my feet as I walk. It’s neat how they fit. They are so lightweight you really don’t feel like you are wearing shoes!

The tops are a mesh fabric that is very soft. It is breathable so, less worry about stinky feet from walking all day.

The non-skid soles grip really well. I’ve not had any problems with slipping and can jog in these shoes if I need to. We were in Gatlinburg and I jogged a short way to catch up with family in the rain. The shoes performed perfectly.

There are several styles and colors available to choose from.

If you walk, daily, or do a lot of walking when you travel, I think these walking shoes would be a great addition to your shoe collection.

A note from Tiosebon:

  • We believe we all need to move to a more sustainable lifestyle, and that’s why we’ve taken action. By wearing a pair of Tiosebon Sneakers, you are actively protecting the ocean, as every pair uses 7 plastic bottles that will never make it to our seas. 
  • We also use old recycled garments. This means we’re fighting new cotton farming- reducing the use of pesticides, fertilizer, water usage, solar energy usage, and CO2 emission. 

So, not only are these shoes comfortable, they give back as well!

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Do you have a favorite pair of walking shoes? When you travel, do you go for comfort as well as fashion? I do!

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