The Do’s And Dont’s Of Streetwear For Men

Street style is dominating at the moment, and it’s creeping up in places you’d least expect. This is a time when we’re routinely seeing sneakers and streetwear elements in formal event and red carpets. However, streetwear is not something everyone can pull off, and it can be difficult to understand when you’re just getting into it. If you are interested in street fashion and want to give it a try, here are some of the do’s and don’ts to follow.

The Do’s And Dont's Of Streetwear For Men

Do: Only Draw Attention to a Few Pieces

One of the mistakes people make is patchworking different attention-grabbing pieces together. But ideally, your outfit should only have a few statement pieces. This can be a jacket, accessories, or a distinctive pair of sneakers. The goal is to make these statement pieces stand out, instead of getting drowned by all the other ones. Do pop over this website to check out the famous Tumi wallets that helps to draw attention.

Don’t: Wear Gym Sneakers

If you really want to nail the streetwear look, don’t cheapen it out with a pair of stock gym sneakers. While some may look stylish, they were made to be performant first and foremost. And when you wear them, you’ll look more like someone that’s heading to the gym than trying to knock down a look.

If you want to up your style, we suggest you look at something designer, like Fendi sneakers. You can take a look at the catalogue on SSENSE. They have all sorts of different styles, from the bulkier “dad” style, to those with a performance look to them. You’ll be able to find something that will fit no matter the look you’re aiming for, and they add new models as soon as they’re released.

Luxury sneakers are made with lifestyle in mind too, and are often the best option if you’re going to be pulling an outfit together that can go from day to night.

Do: Create Contrast

Unless you’re going to be going all black, it’s usually a bad idea to match your sneakers and your pants, your pants with your shirt, and your shirt with the coat or cap. So, make sure that you create some contrasts, and don’t be too ‘matchy’ either. Don’t directly match the shirt with the shoes. Instead, pick one of the minor colors in your shirt and make it a major color on your shoes. It’s also a good way to match accessories, like your cap for instance.

Don’t: Wear Skate Shoes

While streetwear and skate wear have almost become synonymous these days, you should stay away from skate shoes. These usually are made flat, and don’t add much as far as style goes. While a nice pair of Vans could do for some occasions, skate shoes will usually stray from the authentic streetwear look. For instance, wearing a pair of skate shoes with high end streetwear tracking will cheapen it up. If you manage to follow these new tips, you’ll be able to knock the streetwear style out of the park. Make sure that you start with simple pieces at first, and experiment as you go.

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