My Most Loving Memories #LovingMemories @CreationSource

Loving Memories

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There are a few things in this world that make me smile and create my most treasured loving memories.  They all revolve around my husband and our children. Most include our trips to the Smoky Mountains. That is where we all seem to be our happiest. The kids get along better. Clay and I feel younger and relaxed. When we are in the mountains, we’re just… happy.

I found a way to commemorate that joy. A way to keep it with me at all times and even take it along with me wherever I go. Photos. But not just any photos. And not on my phone, but in a ring! Creation Source offers personalized memory rings that are PERFECT for keeping your memories with you.

Each ring can hold up to 8 photos. You can create rings that have your children’s photos, like a mother’s ring, ultrasound photos, vacation photos, Holiday photos, etc. You can create rings that have photos of those you’ve lost along the way as a memorial type ring. You could create an image with a message and date on it and include that in your memorial ring. There are loads of possibilities!

For my ring, I included all the things that make me the happiest. Some of these things might seem silly to others. But they are my happy memories. I thought about adding a photo of my mom. But she is in my heart and in my mind each time I close my eyes. Her memory is always with me. I wanted to capture the joy that Clay and I have had together. And I did. I used photos that included:

  • Clay
  • Our wedding photo
  • Our three daughters
  • Our son
  • Our beloved mountains
  • A photo that Clay took of a bear cub on one of our most memorable trips

Creation Source Personalized memory Ring #LovingMemories @CreationSource

Above are the photos I uploaded and below is the beautiful ring I received. I could not be any happier with it.


Creation Source Personalized Memory Ring #LovingMemories @CreationSource

Creation Source Personalized Memory Ring #LovingMemories @CreationSource

Creation Source Personalized Memory Ring #LovingMemories @CreationSource

The photos are not the least bit blurry, although they look it in these photos. Because rings are fairly small, I just couldn’t seem to pan in enough on this next image without blurring. My camera made the blur. In reality, the images are just as bright and clear as the originals I submitted! To have been made so small, I am very impressed at the quality of the images on this ring.


Creation Source Personalized Memory Ring #LovingMemories @CreationSource

I LOVE this ring! I wear it everywhere. It is the perfect companion to my birthstone mother’s ring. If I am feeling down or aggravated, I just look at the pictures on my ring and my mood immediately brightens.

Custom-Designed Picture Ring Personalized w/ Your Photos

Rings are custom made per order and sale for $85 in black and white or color.

Creation Source Personalized Memory Ring #LovingMemories @CreationSource

If rings aren’t your thing, they also offer really cool Custom Designed MacBook Pro Personalized Light-Up Decals.

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