Make Travel Packing A Breeze With The Chester Regula Suitcase

Clay, the kids and my in-laws and I had our first travel experience of 2020 and it was MUCH needed! It was a quick, very last minute weekend getaway. We all needed it to regroup and refocus on the year to come. During our trip, we were lucky enough to get to test out a few products, one being the Chester Regula luggage. I’ll share a little about that in a minute.

Chester Regula Review

We teamed up with Chester to showcase their Chester Regula luggage. We received product as a thank you and loved it so much we became an affiliate! Affiliate links have been used in this post. Any purchase you make via our links will help offset the costs of running our website without any extra fees passed to you. We can’t thank you enough for your support!

We weren’t really even planning on a trip, just toying with the idea of getting away for a couple days. Post Holiday funds were low. Morale was low. The weather had been rainy and bleak. We had just overcome some illnesses and everyone just needed a break, ya know? There was a last minute half off deal at one of our favorite cabin rentals (not sponsored), so, Clay and I said “what the heck? Let’s go!”.

We called his mom and step-dad and told them to meet us in Gatlinburg and as soon as school let out, we headed off for 2 nights. It may seem like a long way to go for just one, actual, day of fun. But, sometimes, that what you need. To just get away for a day.

Our cabin had a theater room, arcade games, a pool table, air hockey and a hot tub. Those were exactly what we needed! We spent 2 nights just enjoying each others company, watching movies, playing games and relaxing in the hot tub.

We did head to town for about an hour on Saturday but it was rainy so we decided to go get some ice cream and donuts and head back to the cabin to enjoy the amenities we don’t have at home.

It. Was. Wonderful!

Packing for this trip was a breeze. As we mentioned, we’d received the Chester Regula suitcase. We (I – Crystal πŸ˜‚) chose the color Spritz. It is pink and so lovely. The color, alone, boosted my mood while I was packing. So fresh and bright.

Chester Regula Suitcase

This is the medium bag so we were worried it wouldn’t hold all mine and Clay’s stuff but since we were just going for a couple nights, it was actually perfect!

We each had our own, zipped side so our clothes and accessories stayed separate. I didn’t have to dig through his stuff and he didn’t have to dig through mine. It is made of a lightweight, polycarbonate shell and rode perfectly in the back of our truck.

Each side is pretty deep too and held a lot! I usually roll our clothing to be able to fit more. This time, though, everything I was taking was pretty much square. So I folded everything flat and stacked it inside. Then, my make-up bag, toiletries bag, etc. all tucked in nicely beside the clothing. This made packing for a weekend getaway so much easier!

Chester Regula Suitcase
Chester Regula Suitcase

Along with that, there are pockets on each zippered flap. I put my flat iron in one, a lint roller in another and some extra toothbrushes in the third. 2 pockets are mesh and one is solid.

Another great feature is the included soiled laundry bag. There is a little pocket in one side that stows away the bag. When you need it, just pull it out. It’s a big bag. We had some swimsuits that didn’t get dry so I tucked them in there for the ride home.

This suitcase has a TSA combination lock so others can’t, easily, open your bag. It comes locked with a standard code that you can change to your own 3 digit code of choice. It is super easy to use. Just turn to the right combination and slide the latch. The zipper pulls pop up and you can unzip your bag!

Chester Regula Suitcase

This luggage also has multi-directional spinner wheels and a telescoping handle, making it super easy to pull along. There’s a handle on the top and another on the side as well.

Chester Regula Suitcase

I LOVE this suitcase! I’m determined to get the entire set, or at the very least, the largest size too. The larger suitcase will be perfect for longer stays and the smaller, Minima, will be great for toiletries, souvenirs, items for the kids, etc. We don’t, typically, fly. All our trips are road trips and this luggage set is perfect for either!

Chester Luggage Is Available In 3 Sizes

Chester Suitcase Colors

  • Desert
  • Fog
  • Haze
  • Onyx
  • Snow
  • Spritz
  • Storm
  • Surf

Chester Regula Medium Suitcase Dimensions

  • Exterior: 26.0” x 18.5” x 11.0”
  • Interior: 23.7” x 17.0” x 10.3β€³
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs


CHESTER was born out of necessity. As avid travelers to every corner of the globe, we grew tired of luggage that never seemed to work. It was either too heavy, complicated, or easily ruined by harsh climates or adventures. We set out to create luggage for us. We experimented with different materials, wheels, and interior design to get it just right. We experimented our products on the road, and documented how to continuously improve it. What you see today is a culmination of that work. Good design goes un-noticed. It just works. Traveling is one of the life’s many pleasures, and we set out to design a companion that makes your life easier, so you can focus on the adventures.

So, talk to us. What do you look for in a set of luggage? Have you ever used a polycarbonate shell or do you typically use fabric? We feel the polycarbonate holds up to wear and tear so much better!

Check out our Travel Adventure videos below!

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