Can Coffee Fight Signs Of Aging?

To get that perfect cup of coffee, you know factors, like finding the right coffee beans, and adding just the right amount of cream and sugar is crucial, but did you know that the beverage you love so much may be helping you look younger? It’s true – and there is an array of studies and research to back up this claim.

Can coffee fight signs of aging
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While you may have heard the saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” in the past, when it comes to coffee and aging, that’s just not the case. You can also drink decaf coffee because it contains a lot of useful substances, they help against aging.

Intrigued? If so, keep reading to learn how coffee can help you find some of the most common signs of aging.


Coffee, more specifically caffeine (you know, the ingredient that gives you that daily jolt of energy) offers a serious benefit to your body. In fact, according to a study published in the American Association for Cancer Research journal showed that if you increase the total number of caffeinated coffees you drink, it can help to reduce your risk of developing basal cell carcinoma. However, if you are like most women, you probably use coffee for more than to just prevent cases of skin cancer.

If you go to the local department store where they sell cosmetics, you are probably going to find more than a few beauty products that list caffeine as a prominent ingredient. These all promise you the effect of glowing and youthful-looking skin. The reason this works is that caffeine results in dehydration, which makes local fat cells shrink. As a result, cellulite will appear smoother, for a short period of time, because the puffy tissue between the tighter fibrous connective tissue strands will get flatter. This makes everything look much better. Also, the dehydration resulting from caffeine results in the bags under your eyes to de-puff, which makes them appear well-rested and younger.


Coffee is also well-liked because it is full of antioxidants. The antioxidants along with the caffeine content helps to repair cell damage and they are considered anti-inflammatory. When you drink fresh coffee, it offers anti-inflammatory benefits for your cells internally. If you apply a cream, it offers skin protection and can help to reduce the look of age spots, saggy skin, and fine lines. While this is not an all-powerful solution that will turn back the hands of time, it can play a small role in your efforts to stay healthy.

Can coffee fight signs of aging?
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A Word of Warning

While coffee does offer an array of benefits that can fight the signs of aging, there is a potential drawback you should be aware of before you begin chugging it multiple times a day. Drinking coffee throughout the day with the help of achieving better-looking skin can actually do more harm than good.

When used as a diuretic, excessive caffeine can result in dehydration, which prevents your body from being able to hold on to water, which may cause you to have an aged, dry-looking face. Also, caffeine may trigger inflammation and redness in some people.

Furthermore, if you check out this dentist in Irving, they’ll tell you that too much caffeine is also bad for your teeth. Its acid content weakens the teeth’s enamel and it can also cause staining. Thus, it’s important to drink it in moderation and to brush your teeth after consuming it.

The Topical Application of Caffeine

While drinking coffee is something most people do, as mentioned above, it’s used in an array of beauty products today, the caffeine, that is. When you apply caffeine right to your skin, it will quickly constrict the blood vessels. This makes it a useful ingredient for eye creams designed to help reduce puffiness and redness.

While you may need to remain on the lookout for the real “fountain of youth,” coffee may provide an array of age-defying benefits that can help you look younger, longer. Keep in mind though, just like anything else, coffee should be consumed in moderation. While this is true, you also have the option to enjoy an array of beauty products that are infused with caffeine. The only thing to remember about this is that the results are going to be temporary.

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