How To Choose The Best CBD Oil for Pets?

Is your pet demonstrating signs of extreme anxiety, strange behavior and unusual passiveness? Then, it might be coping with severe health problems that can be treated by using a completely organic product, called CBD oil.

CBD Oil For Pets

Consuming CBD is one of the most efficient ways for your pet’s health to be back on track. Luckily, there’re plenty of online vendors, such as, providing their customers with the opportunity to order this miraculous substance.

These tips will help you choose the oil of best quality.

Pay attention to the amount of THC

The first thing to consider when purchasing CBD for your beloved pet, is the amount of THC it contains, as this component of the cannabis sativa plant can have damaging effect on your pet’s health, if consumed in wrong quantity. This isn’t the case with the cannabidiol component of the plant, as it doesn’t cause hallucinations, regardless of the consumed amount.

Anyhow, the THC amount found in CBD oil, should not exceed more than 0.03 percent, as otherwise it will no longer be beneficial for your dog or cat. Don’t make a comparison between the human and pet oil in terms of the presence of THC, as animals unlike humans, have much more receptors in their brain for consuming this substance.

Therefore, by treating your dog or cat with cannabidiol oil, which has more than the recommended THC quantity, means taking the risk of your pet becoming more anxious and paranoid. Don’t make the purchase until you’re completely certain in the quantity.

Discover the place of origin

In order for the CBD to be of top-notch quality, the plant is supposed to have grown in favorable conditions. For the product to be entirely organic, it should be derived from a plant which had the right soil, water and air conditions. Read more about the optimal cannabis plant cultivation.

The cannabis sativa plant acts as an absorber of all environmental toxins, which would later on transfer to the oil, if the water or the soil aren’t of good quality. However, you can’t trust the word of all sellers claiming that the products they’re selling are completely organic.  Actually, the manufacturer is expected to provide you with tests that prove the presence of toxins, in order for you to be certain that is ecological and toxin-free.

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Make sure the product is tested

Another essential factor to consider, is whether the product’s quality is verified by a series of reliable tests. However, immediately disregard those laboratory tests that are performed by labs that are in direct correlation with the seller, as you can’t trust their objectivity.

Instead, look for products that are tested by independent labs, renowned for their neutrality and high veracity regarding the results. The simplest way to discover whether the manufacturers have done this type of objective tests is to request a certificate of analysis.

Since these certificates are rather costly to acquire, all manufacturers who have acquired them, would certainly have this certificate of analysis posted on their official websites. Therefore, in case the website doesn’t include this type of information, you’re advised to contact the manufacturer and ask for a written proof.

Don’t be fooled by extremely cheap products

Considering the increasing number of vendors on the market, it’s no surprise that the products they sell come in various prices. Regardless of how tempting the cheapest products seem to you, don’t fall in their trap, as they aren’t likely to be of high quality or properly certified.

Those manufacturers who have invested a solid portion of their budget in doing the necessary tests and procedures, are naturally selling their products at a higher price. Nevertheless, you aren’t required to purchase the most expensive variant, but you certainly shouldn’t pick the one of lowest-cost.

Purchase a vet recommended product

It’s very important for the CBD oil to be approved by vets, as you would have a piece of mind that your pet’s health won’t be harmed. Look for manufacturers who collaborate with vets and recommend the right dosage depending on the health condition.


Make sure you choose the right quality of CBD oil. Your pet deserves it!

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We are not doctors and this is in no way intended to be used as medical advice and we cannot be held responsible for your results. As with any product, service or supplement, use at your own risk. Always do your own research before using.

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