Trim Healthy Mama Spring Sale Coming Tuesday -3/17/20!

There will be a Trim Healthy Mama Spring Sale today (Tuesday). This sale will feature THM’s best sellers like collagen, protein powder, Gentle Sweet, etc.


I just learned that the TRIM Healthy Mama sale will take place Tuesday. It will begin at midnight (Monday into Tuesday) and last for 48 hours. I have a feeling this sale will go quickly, due to folks wanting to stock up on items, so get in as quick as you can to place your orders!

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In the meantime, if you’re ready to place an order and don’t care to wait for the sale, we’d be honored if you shop through our affiliate links. We will earn a small commission when you shop through our links, with no additional costs passed to you. – main store section. Some ndividual links below.

I placed an order last week but hope to order, again, during the sale. I ordered some ingredients I’ve never tried before including Glucommanan (Gluccie), Sunflower Lecithin, THM Noodles, Brownie Fix Protein Bars (these are really tasty, BUT, let them sit out about 20 minutes to soften because they are super chewy but need to be refrigerated or frozen due to no preservatives. Otherwise, they’ll mold.) and I stocked up on Gentle Sweet – the xylitol free version since we have a dog.

I thought I’d ordered Baobab, as well to stock up, but I’d forgotten to place it in my cart. So, I hope I can get some Baobab Boost, Integral Collagen and Orange Oasis Hydrates. Fingers crossed I get on in time!

With my order I received last week I plan on making an Earth Milk Sip, right away,and using some Sunflower Lecithin to keep it emulsified. Yum!

What are your favorite THM products?

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