Shop This 48 Hour Last Minute Trim Healthy Mama Sale!

WOO HOO HOO Y’all! There is a last minute 48 hour Trim Healthy Mama sale going on! There were some items that didn’t make it to the Cyber Monday sale, like the Caramel Natural Burst Extract (my personal favorite). So, that is in the sale. The Hemp & Blue CBD Isolate Cream, Middle Mountain Coffee (special with mug), Muffin In A Mug packs, Natural Burst Extracts, sweeteners and the THM Bars are all in this sale.

THM Cyber Monday Continued Sale

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I am super excited for this sale. There were some things I wasn’t able to get at the Trim Healthy Mama Cyber Monday sale so I’m, hopefully, going to make up for this with this one!

THM Hemp And Blue CBD Isolate Cream

Hemp & Blue Cream:

They are getting a ton of great reviews for this cream. And, just so you know, the MVP ingredient in this cream is actually not the CBD. It’s the Blue Tansy. Blue Tansy is amazing at fighting inflammation, viruses, pain and skin issues. So, you’ll want to take advantage of the sale and stock up on that for the winter.


THM Sweeteners are on sale so be sure to stock up for all your winter time baked goods!

THM Middle Mountain Coffee

Middle Mountain Coffee. I think I told you during the Cyber Monday sale how they got sent the wrong stuff from Guatemala! The THM team decided to go ahead and sell it (due to customer demand) and folks are loving it!

They still have some left, because they had around 100,000 pounds of it! So, they’re continuing the Cyber Monday sale until it runs out.

THM Protein Bars Are Back!

THM Protein Bars

The Chocolate Brownie Fix Protein Bars are back in stock and formulated to be a bit softer to chew. Also, these bars do not contain preservatives so they stay fresher if they do them in small batches.

(*Note: If you live in a very cold climate, your bars will feel very hard when you first get them… they’ll soften somewhat once you bring them indoors  and get to that perfect texture but if you want to store them for a week or so… put them in refrigerator or freezer.)

Natural Bursts:

THM Natural Burst Extracts

Caramel Natural Burst is back! It didn’t make it for the Cyber Monday Sale so they’re repeating that for you. The caramel is my favorite. It smells super good and adds a delicious caramel flavor. I like to use it in homemade sugar-free coffee creamer! Pineapple is also incredible but they’re all really good.

Muffin-in-a-Mug 12-pack Blow Out Sale! (chocolate & cinnamon):

THM Muffin In A Mug

The Muffin In a Mug packs make delicious single serve muffins. I’ve heard lot’s of ladies using them for cookies and other baked goods as well.So they’re fairly versatile and make baking or microwaving a single muffin super easy.

What do you plan to stock up on during this 48 hour last minute THM sale?

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