Trim Healthy Mama Immune Booster Sale

THM is offering a special bundle of their best Immune boosting ingredients with the new Immune Booster Bundle! This sale will last as long as immune boosting ingredients are critically needed.

THM immune booster bundle

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This sale includes Trim Healthy Mama’s Integral Collagen, Pristine Whey Protein Powder and Baobab Boost Powder. There are many recipes on the bundle page for using Baobab. My favorite is the Boost Juice which is a lemonade boosted with Baobab powder. I use one tsp of Baobab because it has a TON of fiber and makes my tummy grumpy if I use more. That one tsp is perfect! It makes the lemonade so delicious and gives me a huge boost of Vitamin C and other nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.

Whey protein has shown anti-viral behavior and also inhibits bacteria from attaching from the gut wall. And Integral Collagen supports and improves immune function through various pathways but a major one is through its healing to the gut. It reduces inflammation and repairs the digestive tract therefore improving digestion.
* This information can be found on the bundle page.

Get your THM Immune Booster Bundle.

If you suffer from anxiety and/or pain and want to make the bundle even more powerful, you can add their Full-Spectrum Heavy Hitter CBD tincture to your bundle. They are offering it as an option at a deeply discounted price!! Like, seriously discounted!

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