Keep Up Your Healthy Regime While Traveling (Mountain Biking & More)

You’re all packed and ready to travel. You’ve stuffed your suitcase with your favorite shirts, pants, T-shirts, bathing suits, workout gear, and everything you need. You can’t wait to reach your destination because you deserve some time away and you’ve been looking forward to this vacation for quite some time.

There’s only one problem that you can foresee. You have every intention of sticking to your healthy regime because you’ve worked hard for your body. 

You don’t plan on throwing away your amazing gains now just because you’re taking a couple of weeks off from your job to rest, relax, and recharge your batteries. Working out makes you feel absolutely amazing and you definitely intend to stick to your fitness plan.

How do you stick to your workouts or eating healthy while traveling? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question and couldn’t come up with a great answer, get excited that you’re about to discover exactly what you’ve been lacking all along so check out Sandra Vickers site as you might find your answers there. Take these tips to heart because they work and if you use them you’ll have no trouble getting to the gym every day to crush your workout like you normally would at home.

Tip #1: Plan Ahead

Healthy Regime
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For those of you who really want to work out and follow their regime while traveling, you have to plan ahead no matter what. 

You have to choose a destination wisely and make sure there’s a gym in the vicinity of your hotel. Alternatively, opt for options and dates to travel where you can do sports while visiting. For example, going to Thredbo and attending Thredbo Mountain Biking   event would be a good way to keep up with your regime and still enjoy your vacation.

When you stay at a hotel that doesn’t have a fitness center on the premises, you should use the Internet to find the events that are close to you.

Tip #2: Wear Athletic Gear When Possible

Healthy Regime
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Anyone who hasn’t planned in advance and found a gym ahead of time, you should remember to dress accordingly and wear athletic gear when appropriate as you go about the day enjoying a relaxing vacation while traveling. 

You never know when you’re going to stumble upon a gym or yoga studio and you’ll definitely want to stop in to hit the weights and complete your daily workout if you don’t have plans to do so already.

So, remember to bring your favorite workout shoes, a comfortable outfit to hit the weights in, and throw anything else you might need for the gym in a bag that you can carry with you. 

By being prepared, you’ll be able to slip in and out of the gym the moment you spot one and you can get in a great workout no matter where you happen to be.

Tip #3: Try CrossFit or a Bodyweight Workout

Healthy Regime
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Sticking to your regular fitness routine might seem impossible. But it all depends on where you happen to stay while traveling. There might not be a local gym in the vicinity of your hotel and you might have to travel too far to get there. This can clearly prevent you from lifting weights and getting in the regular workout that you’d normally accomplish.

How about doing CrossFit? Or maybe consider a bodyweight workout that you can follow along to on YouTube?

The whole point of this exercise is to try to stay in shape while you travel and vacation and have a good time. Nobody ever said you had to be perfect all the time. You can vary your routine and do a different workout if you have no other choice.

Remember, CrossFit and bodyweight workouts are great ways to build muscle and stay in shape. Even if it isn’t your favorite workout, it’s better than doing absolutely nothing and you’ll undeniably get a lot out of this fitness routine.

Who knows? You may even enjoy changing things up a bit. And your body might even respond better because you’re working out different muscles and working out in a different way. So this change could potentially even pump you up more than normal which is definitely a good thing while traveling on vacation.

Tip #4: Make Going to the Gym Your Main Priority

You’re supposed to be on vacation, right? So why would you want to make going to the gym your top priority? Well, if you enjoy spending time in the gym and you love getting in a weightlifting workout then you aren’t exactly forcing yourself to do something you hate. You’re improving your vacation by making time to do something you love. You’re going to have a better day knowing that you took the time to get in a good workout before you spend the rest of the day having fun.

So, at night before you plan out your next day, remember to add your workout somewhere to your schedule. It’s best to lift weights or perform CrossFit or bodyweight exercises early in the morning (or your equivalent of the morning) because you’ll have the rest of the day open to do anything else your heart desires.

As you can see, it’s clearly possible to stick to your fitness regime while traveling. You have to make it a priority, plan ahead, be flexible if you can’t get your normal workout in, and remember to wear your athletic gear just in case you happen to come across a gym while walking around and enjoying the sights and sounds of your travel destination. Please use these suggestions to stick to your fitness routine. Your body and your astounding physique will thank you.

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