Update Your Master Bedroom And Bathroom With Ease

For many people, the master bedroom and the attached master bathroom become a place for peace and retreat. After a long day of work or taking care of the kids, it is nice to relax in your own adult space. With brand new paint and a mirror barn door, it can really make your bedroom your own. 

Do you need to make your bedroom space feel tranquil and less cluttered and chaotic?

Update Your Master Bedroom And Bathroom With Ease

Follow These Steps to Create an Updated Master Bedroom and Bathroom With Ease:

  • Clear out the clutter
  • Look at your blank slate for inspiration
  • Plan accordingly and budget
  • Incorporate new hardware and doors
  • Replace dated decorative accents and utilize storage to tuck away clutter

Clear Out the Clutter

When you have a family, the master bedroom becomes a co-sleeping kid space quite quickly. Your once clean and sleek room now has toys and laundry on every surface. You might find it an accomplishment just to make the bed. Because the master bathroom is attached, this becomes the primary location for kids’ baths and quickly is littered with bath toys, soaps, and lotions. 

To make your space tranquil and relaxing again, you must first reclaim it. Put anything that belongs to a child back in their space. If you have another bathroom in the house that can be used for children, move their bathroom items to that room as well. Do not worry if you do not have another bathroom. We’ll discuss that shortly.

Look at Your Blank Slate

You have cleared out the clutter. This means there is nothing left on any dressers or chest of drawers. Laundry is not piled on a chair or bed, and every surface is clean. You have also removed all the pictures from the walls. In the bathroom, you have cleared off the counters and completely emptied bottles from the shower and bathtub area. This is the time that you decide whether or not you want to paint. 

Painting can completely refresh a space. If your master bedroom and bathroom have not been painted in some time, you should at the very least apply a fresh coat of paint in the same color so that it looks fresh and new. If you are up for a completely new look, change the color of the walls entirely. Make sure you apply a fresh coat of ceiling paint as well.

Plan Accordingly

Cleaning out a room will cost absolutely nothing other than some time. Paint and painting supplies for a master bedroom and bathroom are both relatively inexpensive. This is the point that you need to work out a budget. How big is this renovation going to be? How much are you willing to spend? Of course, there are budget-friendly ways to achieve anything, but you need to make a list of “must-do” renovations and then an additional list of “would-like-to-do” renovations. If you stick very strictly to your budget or acquire items used or discounted, you may be able to work your way into your “would-like-to-do” list.

Hardware Makes the Biggest Statement

In a dream renovation, you can completely gut a room down to the beams and have new walls, new floors, and new everything installed. Of course, when a budget does not matter, this is completely achievable. For a cost-effective budget, however, you can paint or stain your existing cabinetry and add statement hardware to make the pieces look exquisite and modern. You can also remove standard doors and utilizing barn doors. These are space-saving doors that are ultra-trendy right now and are statement pieces. They are artistic rolling room dividers that come with bold hardware and often feature mirrors that are ideal for bathrooms and master bedrooms.

If there’s any hardware that’s worth splurging on, it’s your toilet. Old toilets tend to waste a substantial amount of water and have a lot of problems. Upgrading to a compact, water-efficient toilet can save you time, money, and frustration, not to mention free more space in your master bathroom.

Additional Updates for Easy Renovations on a Budget

Once you have cleared the space, painted, installed new hardware, and incorporated new doors or even a barn door, you can focus on decorative accents. New window treatments for the master bedroom will create a completely new look to the space. Replace your bedding and even purchase new pillows and new decorative pillows. This will make your bedroom feel like a hotel retreat rather than a tired well-used bedroom.

In the bathroom, you can frame a dated mirror and add a new shower curtain if you do not have glass shower doors. If you must share your bathroom with children, purchase a storage unit for the bathroom and easily tuck away all bath toys, soaps, and lotions in this space. It will make the bathroom feel more spa-like and less cluttered.

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