Update Your Bathroom With New Faucets


We’ve been doing a little series on how to change up the look of our master bathroom. We had several projects planned for Labor Day weekend but due to work and some other commitments, we had to make some changes and put some of those projects on hold. One thing I did get done was the installation of a new shower curtain rod.

Another thing I wanted to do was to change the faucets on our bathtub and bathroom sink. I also want to change the toilet. I’ve been looking at anΒ Aquasource Faucet and toilet. They seem to be pretty affordable and easy to install. I also like the look of some of the ones I saw online.

Update Your Bathroom With New Faucets

The ones I really like are a rubbed bronze finish and are very rustic looking. Someday, I’d love to have a barrel sink cabinet with a copper look sink basin/bowl and the rubbed bronze faucets. I love rustic/cabin decor and that would be so awesome in a log cabin, which I’ll also someday have.

It can be a lot of work searching for faucets, though. There are so many styles and finishes. My advice would be to really do some research online and in store. Make a comparison list of the ones you like the best. The ones you fall in love with at first site. In your list, make a comparison of all the features, pros and cons.

Take into consideration price, style, finish, brand, online reviews and ease of installation.Β Then narrow it down to the one you absolutely can’t live with out. This is a project we can do in a day. It shouldn’t cost a fortune and it should leave your bathroom looking fresh, new and updated.

I can’t wait to update the look of our bathroom with new faucets!

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