Vintage Vs. Modern – Which Engagement Ring Style Is Right For You?

Picking out an engagement ring is significant, whether your fiance has specified exactly what you want or you’re shopping with them. The ring you choose can speak volumes about your personality, so finding a style that feels like you is essential.

Luckily, many styles are simple and minimalist to bold and romantic. So, how do you know which is right for you?


Not every bride is into massive halos or a cluster of diamonds. And that’s fine! Minimalist engagement rings focus on the center stone, letting it shine brightly without being eclipsed by a complicated design.

These rings are simple in style but sophisticated so that they will stay in fashion. They’re also easier to care for than more elaborate designs, which means you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your ring.

The most classic minimalist engagement ring is a round solitaire diamond with an unembellished band. For something with a bit more sparkle, opt for a fancy diamond shape like an oval or radiant cut. 

Old Soul

If you’re drawn to antique jewelry, it’s likely because of the stories woven into their intricate design. From the filigree of Victorian rings to the geometric lines that define Art Deco styles, these pieces speak a language that transcends fashion trends and exudes a sense of grace that’s hard to replicate.

Classic engagement rings are timeless and less likely to look dated in the future than contemporary styles. However, they typically lack a personal nod to your relationship and won’t be one-of-a-kind like a custom-designed ring.

Diamonds are the quintessential gemstone for classic rings, but emeralds and sapphires offer an equally captivating alternative. These gems are a good choice for vintage-inspired engagement rings, as they symbolize loyalty and wisdom.


For the hopeless romantics who envision fairytale romance and happy ever after, a stunning romantic engagement ring might be just the thing. The halo type (a ring of lesser diamonds encircling the central stone) is popular. This “angelic” design is timeless and contemporary, perfect for the fashion-forward bride who wants to wear something with a touch of tradition.

Another option is a cathedral-style ring that carries a larger center stone in a sturdier setting. These rings can be further enhanced with milgrain detailing and engravings for a vintage-inspired look that still feels fresh.

Less can be more when it comes to engagement rings, and that’s okay! 


There is no right or wrong way to choose an engagement ring style. After all, a ring is more than just jewelry: It expresses your love and commitment to your fiance-to-be. Each detail, from the ring’s design to its one-of-a-kind VRAI-created diamond, conveys a message.

Consider a micro pave or halo setting if you’re searching for a modern-inspired ring. These designs are eye-catching, delicate, and perfect for the girl who likes to wear minimal rings with a bold touch.

For something completely different, consider a cathedral-style setting. This style features a ring of prongs surrounding the center stone, similar to a halo ring but with an added twist for extra sparkle and protection.

And if you want to go even more unique, try an emerald- or morganite-set engagement ring. These gemstones are on trend this year and will truly set her apart from the crowd. 

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