Unilever Ice Cream At Walgreens. Don’t Wait For The Truck. #IceCreamRun

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Did you know that Walgreens sells yummy Unilever ice cream treats like Magnum, Breyers, Klondike, Frutare, and Popsicle? They do! So when you want to have a family night “ice cream social” don’t wait for the truck. The ice cream truck that is. Those things are expensive! And in our little community, the ice cream truck only comes around once or twice each summer. So the kids here are left out if they want an ice cream treat.

I hate going to the big grocery store just for movie night treats so, instead, we head over to our local Walgreens and buy a whole box (or 2 or 3) of our favorite novelty ice cream treats and enjoy them with our family for less money. This week, it came in super handy!

I had one heck of a week. It seemed like everything in the house decided to break or stop working at the same time. There was some really weird, stinky sewage smell coming from up the road, we had school orientations at several different schools nearly every night and I had a stomach ache to end all stomach aches. So I was extremely ready for a relaxing family night with Clay and our babies.

On Friday’s we do family night with the kids and watch a movie, eat pizza, grill something or get take-out and let the kids pick a treat. Last week we had a bonfire and made S’Mores. This Friday, though, they wanted chicken wings on the grill and ice cream for their movie snack, so like I mentioned above, we make a quick trip to Walgreen’s for some Breyers ice cream. Two of the girls wanted Fruttare so we also grabbed a box of those.

Bring on the Ice Cream!

Unilever Ice Cream

Unilever Ice Cream

I had a package of refrigerated mint chocolate chip cookies at home that we’ve been waiting to make so we bought Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and Breyers Chocolate along with the Strawberry Creme Fruttare. I was really wanting some Klondike bars but our Walgreen’s didn’t have any. The mint chocolate chip was definitely a great second choice!

Unilever Ice Cream

Clay popped in Disney’s Frozen and we made it a frozen themed movie night with the movie and ice cream. It was all so good and we had so much fun! We sang all the songs, ate ice cream and Fruttare bars and just really enjoyed our time together as a family.

Unilever Ice Cream

Unilever Ice Cream

The next time you want to grab a quick ice cream treat, don’t Wait For The Truck! #IceCreamRun Unilever Brand Ice Cream Treats @Walgreens #ad Sponsored by Global Influence @resourcefulmom

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