Home DNA Testing For Genetic History.

Did you know that there are 400,540 children in the foster care system and over 100,000 of waiting indefinitely to find a forever home? Of those children, many don’t know anything about their family history. I can’ understand how they fell. While I do know and was raised by my biological mother, I never met my biological father. I have no real idea who he is, what history of diseases I may be predisposed to or muchΒ else about him other than his general height and build. My mom wasn’t too keen on giving me info about him.

I have high blood pressure. I have had it since my first pregnancy 15 years ago when I was in my 20’s. Is that something I inherited from my father? Most likely. But there are other things that can be inherited from a parent too including breast cancer, celiac disease, psoriasis, bipolar disorder and more. Those are things that, while you cannot cure them, they can be treated. It would be very beneficial to know ahead of time if you are likely to have or develop something like that.

One thing I recently learned is that there are at home DNA Paternity tests that can help determine if you are predisposed to any of those diseases and disorders. If you don’t have access to your family’s medical history, be it because you were adopted or because someone kept that info from you, at home DNA testing for genetic history may be of benefit to you for medical reasons.

Check out the infographic below for more statistics and details (This was brought to you by Home DNA)Β :

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