Weekly Condo Rentals Are More Cost Efficient Than Hotels

There are many locations in the Palm Beach area where a luxurious stay involves spending a great deal of money. However, staying in condos with affordable weekly rates can be just as relaxing while reducing the costs. By renting a condominium at a select resort and spa, you could save hundreds of dollars depending on the amenities you require.

Weekly Condo Rentals

Additional Expenses

Some hotels in the Palm Beach area can add up to $100 simply to have a view of the ocean. Even beach chairs and umbrellas can be an additional expense. As opposed to many other alternatives, some hotels will also add an Internet surcharge to connect as many as two devices. If you need a larger space due to bringing the family, you could easily spend and extra several hundred dollars over the course of a week in a high-priced hotel. You don’t have many of the same expenses if you stay in a weekly rented condo.

Many of the Same Amenities

Many hotels offer the same amenities as owned condos with the exception of charging extra for some of the services. Some hotels will also tack on extra when it comes to valet parking at the establishment. Nearly everything you can expect from an upscale hotel in regards to a resort and spa can be found in an all-condo luxury location at three-quarters of the price.

Singer Island rates are more affordable than many high-end establishments while offering greater services. Instead of booking a room at an expensive hotel, take a look at what owner-direct savings can offer in an all-condominium resort and spa with weekly condo rentals. Relaxation doesn’t have to be synonymous with expensive.

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