What Is Car Sharing? What Are The Benefits?

Many people take a lot of pride in owning and driving their cars. For most, car ownership remains a necessity primarily because of work or location. However, other people, particularly those in urban locations, see owning a car as a burden. This is where companies, such as Avail car sharing, come into play. There are many awesome benefits of car sharing that those who haven’t jumped on board yet can take advantage of.

Car Ownership is Expensive

There’s no doubt that owning a car is costly and inefficient. However, many people enjoy some of the many perks of owning a car, such as convenience, productivity, and personal freedom that other options cannot offer. Many times your living arrangements or the type of work you do may require you to own a car. However, if you reside in an urban area, car sharing can be a great alternative to owning a car minus the expensive costs for a few reasons:

  • Car sharing services are more efficient. Each vehicle featured in a car sharing company is used more often than a privately owned vehicle. The costs of operating a ride-share vehicle can be shared between many customers versus a single owner.
  • Companies have developed car sharing technology that allows users to have a convenient, reliable, and affordable experience.

When deployed in the appropriate market, car sharing can be highly successful. This means they only do well in high-density populations, and where street parking and public transit are available.

Car Sharing Reduces the Need to Own a Car

Many studies that have been done show that car sharing services can cause lower car ownership. Reducing the number of cars on the road can be seen as a good thing. Fewer cars on the road means fewer miles driven. The cars that are left on the road may drive more miles and be better utilized.

For society, the benefits of include:

  • Lower congestion and traffic- This means that you won’t spend as much time in traffic and you’ll have a less risk of a delay.
  • Lower wear on roads- The lower number of vehicles on the road means lower road wear. This means that your hard-earned tax dollars can go to something else.
  • Less air pollution- Very few modern vehicles and vehicles overall will improve the air quality locally. Cleaner air means a better time for those that have certain medical conditions.
  • Less need for parking- When the amount of traffic decreases, you will find that parking is more accessible.
  • More fleets of newer vehicles- When car shared vehicles are being used more than private cars, car-shared vehicles will be replaced more frequently. Newer cars tend to be quieter, cleaner, and more efficient. This means that more of the cars on the roads will be just that.
  • Adoption of newer technology- Since car share vehicles are replaced more often than private vehicles, the newest technology will be integrated more quickly into society.

Benefits of Car Sharing for Individuals

Car sharing allows you to avoid certain issues that come with owning a car, such as:

  • Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Monthly payments
  • Depreciation
  • Repairs
  • Fuel
  • Parking
  • Roadside assistance
  • Annual certification and testing

Owning a car requires more costs upfront. Car sharing is less stressful to  manage. You can also enjoy a wide variety of health benefits and have a load full of privacy and personal freedom. Finally, it improves access for all income levels. Also, it’s very important to know that you can get roadside assistance in case you get into an accident on the road.

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