4 Ways To Help Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy

Dogs are notorious for giving unconditional love. They become more than a pet in our homes but our family members.

Choosing to adopt a dog is becoming a rising trend since many dogs find themselves being placed in animal shelters. Many animal shelters across the UK are often brimming with breeds and crossbreeds looking for their new home. It is estimated that 664,000 dogs are placed in animal shelters each year.

If you have recently found a dog you are looking at rehoming, keeping them happy and healthy will be the next mission to take. Help support your canine friend on their path to living a happy and healthy life by considering these top tips.

4 Ways To Help Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy

1. Feed Them The Right Canine Food

Your dog’s food will play an influential role in how happy and healthy they are. Ensure that you are buying the right food for your dog’s age. If your dog has any dietary requirements, keep these in mind as you read the food labels to see if there are any ingredients they cannot have.

Look at using online providers, such as Encore, to stock up on dog food. Using online suppliers is ideal if getting to a pet store or supermarket is difficult. You will likely find that online dog food suppliers have an extensive choice, which means you can find the right food with the best ingredients to keep your dog happy and healthy.

2. Allow Them To Socialize

Similar to humans, dogs need to socialize. Allowing your dog to socialize means helping them to accept meeting new dogs, people, other animals and going to new places. Spending time getting your dog to socialize will help to make them more well-behaved. It will also have a positive impact on their happiness.

Dogs tend to thrive from meeting other dogs and going places. Take your dog on long walks, and go to dog parks and areas where you will likely see other people walking their dogs. Aside from keeping them active, they might also be walking their dog to help them socialize.

3. Ensure They Are Kept Active

The activities your dog partakes in, and the intensity level will depend on your dog. A long walk around the neighborhood, through the park or playing in fields is more than enough exercise for some dogs. However, this might not be enough for all. Some dog breeds need exciting challenges, such as obstacle courses and brain games, to stay active and stimulated. Without stimulating activities or regular exercise, dogs can gain weight and disorders like shadow chasing. This means they chase shadows they see in the house or the garden. That can sometimes work against you, so make sure you have in the fences in place to prevent them from escaping. You might ask – does a GPS dog fence work? Possibly, but conventional border fences work best. This can grant you the peace of mind knowing your dog is always where they’re supposed to be – in a safe, happy and loving home.

4. Provide Unconditional Love And Affection

Showing your dog unconditional love and affection is possibly one of the most beloved reasons people get a dog. The companionship they provide is just one of the endless reasons they are much-loved pets. The level of care, love and affection your dog shows you should be reciprocated in the form of bonding moments, such as positive affirmation.

These are some of the many ways to keep your dog happy and healthy, as it allows them to feel loved and cared for.

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