What Truly Is Luxe Interior Design?

When you go around asking people “What is luxe interior design” it is quite likely that you are going to get a whole range of different responses telling you slightly different things. This can be extremely confusing and yes even slightly frustrating.

You could check through several design magazines, but even then, some of the styles clash significantly. So what exactly is it? What does luxe interior design involve? And what can it mean for you and your home?

Keep reading to find out!

Personalized Luxury

Part of what makes this style difficult to define is that not only does it incorporate a wide range of other styles but it can also be adapted as per each individual’s preferences. What one person defines as luxury can be very different for someone else.

Whilst there are trends and established ideas that fit the luxe interior design category, the reality is that these ideas are based on some well-established designers’ ideas and concepts. However, whilst many magazines and images from other luxe designs can provide you with incredible creative inspirations the reality is that your version of luxury and a glamorous or opulent design is really up to you.

So feel free to let loose and let your imagination run a little wild. You can think about what kind of luxe style you would most enjoy and adapt the offerings to match your own fabulousness.

Elements Of Luxe Interior Design

Common threads that connect one luxe design with another include what many perceive as a luxury of a fabulous way of living. This means that much of the luxe design includes influences from royalty and wealthy individuals throughout history.

For example, luxe designs often include expensive or high-quality materials. This may include, wools, furs, silk, velvet, and surfaces like marble or granite that are polished and shiny to reflect their opulence.

Color schemes can vary but traditionally include a lot of gold, black, white, and sometimes even elements of purple. Navy and ivory are also often present and complement the other colors nicely.

Styles can range dramatically. For example, a person might choose an elegant golden chandelier hanging from the ceiling in their dining room whilst at the same time they display a piece of modern pop art on the wall.

Whilst normally, these styles would be for completely different spaces, luxe design finds a way to bring them together and highlight the high-end quality of every item and aspect of the space in question.

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