When Should You Call Your Gas Line Installer? Critical Times!

During the cold spells in Alabama, usually from mid-December to mid-February, keeping your home warm is the utmost priority. Having natural gas running in your home is one of the most efficient ways to fuel your boiler or furnace.

However, you should not just install it and forget it. If left unchecked, natural gas is hazardous. Leaks lead to poor indoor air quality, fires, or explosions. Here are the moments when you should consider gas line installation services, repairs, or maintenance.

Gas Line

A New Construction Project is Underway

If you plan to build a home, consider installing natural gas to save on your utility bills. A certified natural gas technician and construction workers will work together to have the piping in the home’s foundation. The installation process should meet all the building codes to ensure the structure’s safety. Mostly, the technician routes the gas pipes through the walls or the attic for easier repair and maintenance. 

Sometimes, you want a new look, your vibe has changed, or you need a fresh start in your old home. Other times, the home demands attention through repairs due to broken fixtures or pipes. 

When renovating or remodeling your home, especially in areas with an existing gas pipe, like the kitchen, basement, or boiler room, have a professional gas service provider come to your home. 

You’re Upgrading to Gas Appliances

It was not until the 20th century that many people started installing gas lines in their homes for heating and cooking, replacing coal, which was inefficient and expensive. Today, most people transition to gas because it is much cheaper and more reliable than electricity. Some gas appliances like fireplaces or oven connections may require special attention, and that’s why you need the best gas team in town.

If you’re upgrading to gas, work with a certified gas installation handler to accommodate your new appliances and ensure their safety and effectiveness.

You’re Expanding and Furnishing Your Outdoor Space

Nothing beats a relaxed time outdoors with your loved ones. If you have been thinking of adding new fixtures to your gazebo or pavilion, such as a fire pit, grill, or outdoor kitchen, you may need to extend your gas pipes.

It’s never recommended to do it yourself unless you’re a certified natural gas installer. Also, some plumbers are qualified to install gas pipes in your home. Work with a licensed professional as they know what they are doing.

You’re Thinking of Home Energy Efficiency

If you are thinking of making your home energy efficient, having natural gas run in your home is a great way to start. You are utilizing Mother Earth’s resources while reducing your utility bills. 

Natural gas is a fossil fuel, but it’s way better, cleaner, and more energy-efficient than traditional fuels. According to the Center for Liquified Gas, natural gas produces less greenhouse gases and pollution.  

When burnt, it produces 45% less carbon dioxide than coal, 30% less than oil, and 15% less than wood. During combustion, natural gas produces water vapor, heat, and carbon dioxide. 

You’re Installing a Favorite Gas Fireplace

Warm, cozy, inviting, and even romantic, a fireplace is a sparkling focal point for a home. If your living space needs some uplifting, installing a fireplace is a great way to start. Gone are the days when you had to continuously add wood to your burning furnace to keep the warmth going.

Whether you desire a simple and rustic or highly ornate burning hearth, work with a professional gas pipe installer and have a gas fireplace. The natural gas will supply fuel to the fireplace unit without causing a dent in your pocket. 

You Want an Emergency-Ready Home

Power blackouts can be very frustrating at times, and one way to prepare is by having an alternative source of energy. It’s not up for debate that a gas line will serve you even better than a solar-powered house. Think about it: It’s winter, and the grid is frozen like what Texans experienced in 2021, and you have no reliable solar power system with expensive solar battery storage. Only a gas line can save the day. Having gas-powered appliances will ensure you continue your regular winter routines, like putting hot food on the table and keeping your house warm. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to add natural gas to your home, never do it yourself. Consult a certified gas line installation provider to ensure the installation process is by the books. Although natural gas is safe to use, if it leaks, it’s dangerous. Unfortunately, it’s odorless and colorless. To help detect leaking gas, gas companies add a chemical odorant that smells like rotten eggs to help detect leaks.

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