Why Is Obedience Training The Most Important Part Of Dog Ownership?

When you have a dog, you want to ensure that you and your pet have the best time possible together. Being with your dog should bring you joy, give you a sense of companionship, and you should be proud of your pet. However, if your dog is constantly misbehaving, it can be challenging to maintain a positive relationship, and over time, things can become frustrating and stressful. 

Obedience Training

Ensuring that your dog is properly trained is your responsibility as a dog owner. Whether you put the time and effort in yourself, hire a dog trainer or send them to puppy preschool when they’re young, you must do everything you can to instill good behaviour in your pet. When your dog is properly trained, responds to your instructions and respects you as their master, you will have more control over their actions, enjoy your time together more, have a better relationship and can finally be proud of your furry friend. 

Let’s take a look at just a few reasons that obedience training is crucial when you’re a dog owner. 

Reward You And Your Dog

Many dog owners see obedience training as something that they need to do for their dog’s benefit; however, this is only half the story. The truth is that obedience training will be beneficial for both your dog and you moving forward. Working regularly with your dog and seeing their progress will help solidify your bond, understand their needs better, and help you be the best dog owner that you can be. Proper training will benefit you both, and you will both be rewarded by the experience. 

Improved Safety

Dogs that are not obedient can pose a danger to others. Whether you have an Australian Terrier, a Blue Boston Terrier, or a German Shepherd, if they are not trained to respond to your commands, they can cause trouble. With proper training, not only will you be more confident of your dog being around children, other dog owners and other dogs, but you can also minimise the risk of them getting lost or injured. A dog that is not trained to respond to its owner’s commands is much more likely to run away from you which could result in them being hit by a car, ending up in a fight with another dog or even being stolen. 

Easier Boarding

A dog that is unsociable, difficult and not well-trained will be much more difficult to put into kennels should you want to go away on a trip. While you might like the idea of taking your dog with you everywhere that you go, this is not always feasible and from time to time, you will need to leave your dog with a trusted friend, family member or at your local dog kennels. If your dog fails to respond to commands and does not do what they are told, it can make finding someone to look after them very difficult. This can have a huge impact on your social life moving forward and is something you try to avoid at all costs. 

Remember That You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

No matter how old your dog is, what breed they are, or what their past behaviours have been like, it’s important to remember that, despite what you may have heard, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Investing time, effort and perhaps money in training your dog properly will benefit both you and your dog, allowing you to have a better relationship, enjoy more things together and go through life with less stress and hassle as a result of them misbehaving.

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